Monday, March 31, 2008

Her space/My space Photo #1

I took my first pics today for the photo challenge blog Herspace/Myspace. I don't know how to put words on pictures yet so you getting them word free. Two are basically unchanged except for size and one I manipulated. Enjoy..


A thin sphere of liquid enclosing air.
Show us a bubble in your space today!

I finished Thursday's block last night. I wanted to be all caught up for tomorrow since Anina felt it necessary to send out a warning message about it. Thursday's was B-1: Batchelor's ButtonsSince we have done one very similar, it was a nice flowing one. I did go a little crazy with the yellow dot background, but I think they look great. No reason we can't have a little crazy sometimes (I know what your thinking!, that I'm crazy all the time...but I meant the blocks sillies).
Since I finished the block by today, and all my projects at the moment are learning long term projects, I decided to try a quick one. I just need to finish something. So when I found this
tutorial I was excited (check out her whole blog, its really great). It looked simple and I have some fabric I bought to make a bag 2 years ago that I never got around to. The only issue is that the pattern and all dimensions are in the metric system. Why we Americans haven't switched over is beyond me, but regardless I don't know it. At first I thought the bag must be huge to be 17 in. wide. Thank goodness I thought to pay attention, since it's only 17 cm. The other issue is the length was supposed to be obvious since it was on A4 paper. I had no clue. I finally googled it and found the right dimensions. Other than that it seems very easy so far. It is supposed to be a 1 hour bag. But I dont go normal speed. And the horrible pain I used to have in my arms and shoulders has started coming back so I have to take breaks. I am at least half way though. I can't wait to see how it turns out. The walking foot is the best by the way! It works wonders. And that darning foot is better than a roller coaster!Mumsy took this photo about 60 miles East of Phoenix on Friday. Since we still have snow watches I thought I could share in her spring. The desert really opens up in spring. It is something to see!

Soon I should have lots of projects starting and finishing. I feel kind of awkward since I don't have a lot of finished stuff to show. I just remind myself that it all comes in time. One can't become an expert quilter/everything overnight. Notice the self pep talk again...some days it's all that keeps me going. So while I am doing that learning I thought I might jump in a bit on this photo challenge from Her space/my space. They give a prompt every day and you take a picture to interpret that word or idea. I wont do it every day but It will get me using my camera more!
I will be back as soon as the bag is done. This is how I like to dream of spring!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


I finally finished B-3 Mirror image, take a gander of this...As I was putting the pieces together, I thought there was no way it would fit right but somehow it did. It is machine pieced...tricky on those curves. It's the best I can do for now. I may have appliqued this one if I had known but I am glad I tried a new technique.
Remember that crazy potato parchment bowl Tessa gave us for a late Christmas present? The one that is so fragile it will crack if you walk past it so fast? We finally exchanged it. It arrived in 12 hours, no joke. Sometimes we get mail so fast here in Boston. Doug decided I should have something nice. I rarely wear jewelry; Doug didn't even know I liked it. Mostly the stuff I like is hard to get and I always think I need something else more. Tessa loves trees and this reminds us of her...I Love it. Thanks Tessie!Just a quick one tonight. I am almost done with the next Baby Jane block and will post that as soon as I finish. Whoa! I just realized that I am quite freckly. My mumsy always said I was kissed by the sun. Well the sun must have made out with me for hours to give me these freckles! What can ya do? Have a great night all!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Today was Stacy's big day! I got so many goodies, and my surprise package from Upsate Lisa arrived...woohoo. I have been working really hard on little things and learning new craft/quilting skills. This weeks Dear Jane block is a little tougher than they have been. It requires sewing a circle (in pieces) onto corners. I have it mostly done, but not quite so I will wait to show it until its done. I am learning so many things with this quilt, and its only the 7th block!
So, as I mentioned, the giveaway I won from UpStateLisa arrived today. She had been making those adorable easter/spring baskets, and now 2 are mine. YAY They are so cute. My husband loves them and has already found them a new home. I also got a beautiful spring fat quarter (the fabric the baskets are sitting on). I also added the eggs myself (Easter candy 50% off sale!). Thank you so much Lisa, I adore them.

Another little surprise in my bloggy life came in an email last night from Amanda at Busy Little Quilter! I won her 1 year bloggy birthday giveaway for a 25$ gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop! How great is that. Unlike many of you who are trying to use your stash, I am trying to build a stash. Amanda is such a neat woman. She "says" she's a grandma, but look at her. She doesn't look a day over 35! She makes some beautiful things as well. We also have a common love for CAKE! We really love red velvet cake. Maybe someday we can make and eat one together. Thank you so much Amanda!
My treats today didn't stop there. As my wonderful husband promised, I was finally able to go to the sewing machine store today and get me some new feet! No not 2 cold feet, I already have those, but 2 sewing feet. I got a walking foot and a darning foot. I am sew excited, I can start machine quilting now. I also got a bias tape maker and the tiniest needles in the world. Check out my goods. I love them.
On our way back to the car we passed this great used book store that sells old mostly non fiction information books (they have a little section for fiction lol). Well they are changing locations so everything in the store was 1/2 off. The husband went crazy of course. We both have a bit of a book collecting problem, I must admit. But I did find a couple little beauties.

Of course we grabbed some lunch on the way back too. I wish I had all night to play with my new feet, but alas, my night embroidery class starts tonight and I still need to get a few things. Their first project is to embroider a pin cushion. I read somewhere that you could stuff them with fabric scraps to make them sturdier. So, I started collecting the stuff that is too small for the scrap pile. I made this little guy, stuffed with the fabric and it works great! Maybe if I teach them quickly I can come home to my feet early lol. Thank you so much all those who have been leaving comments and sending emails. I am having a great time getting to know you all and each comment is treasured. I am working out a giveaway of my own to pay back all the good karma I've been getting. I should have a mini machine quilted quilt to show you soon! Till then....

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter once again! I found all these vintage postcard images yesterday and couldn't resist sharing one more before it hits midnight. That chicken family is hilarious. Look at all the faces. He he he. We really laid low today. The husband went to his weekly "band practice" with his buddy John. So we are clear...they play Rock Band. The video game! It is a lot of fun but it cracked me up when they started calling it "practice" or "rehearsal". They are nuts.
I just hung in, educating myself with the wonders of the internet. There was some sun today! It was only 32 degrees but sunny. I went out back to take advantage before it was distinguished by the large building or countless clouds. While trying to set out my stuff, I realized the wind had joined us. Sooo, I did the best I could with the blowing linen.

This linen set was given to me by my Aunt Janet for my wedding. They were made by my Great Grandma for my Grandmas hope chest. There is the small table cloth and six napkins. My dad says he remembers them both embroidering all the time. Grandma also crocheted, tons of doilies and table runners. Thats what I remember. My aunt also gave me my grandma's wedding ring. They were very poor, so it is really simple but beautiful and very precious to me. My grandma and I were very close. I loved listening to her stories and life long adventures. She was a very special woman. Some day I will have a little patio with a small table to put these linens on.
I have decided to redo A-7 Dad's plaids. Mostly because I organized the color pattern and it is the only one out of place. And I am not happy with it. I am trying to be very exact with measuring and tracing. And I could always use some more appliqué practice. A new one comes out tomorrow. Hooray. I hope you all had a fine Easter. I leave you with an image from a 1920's French pattern magazine. I looks just like spring in Boston!

Cake Please

Happy Easter Everyone! I have been seeing all your lovely preparations. Cakes, eggs, decorations, baskets, bunny ears, cookies... It all looks so good. I haven't had an Easter like that in a long time. Usually it sneaks up and is gone before I know it. Every now and again my birthday falls on Easter, so as a kid it was my favorite. But then we grow up, leave home, end up having to work, and old traditions become memories; what once was special accidentally falls out of our thoughts. Part of it is that we don't have kidlets yet. I'm hoping then, that some of that old magic can find it's way back into our lives. Watching you all enjoy this time with your kids has been great for me. In a way, you get to be kids along with them. (how freaky are those egg people, yet oddly beautiful as well)

Well, it took me 3 hours but I finished my next Dear Jane block.
D-3 Jason's Jacks

This was just one piece of appliqué but it had lots of curves and pointy edges. By the last half I was going much faster. If Anina keeps us going with these appliqué blocks I'll be a pro in no time. I need to point out that my awesome hubby picked out the fabric for this one. Since I got my new fabric shipment, I had so many choices that I needed to bring in help. He is much better at aesthetics than me. He does all the house decorating. Some of the others had adorable prints but the figure was too far apart for this block (so I was told) so we needed one with tiny print. I think he did a good job.
So I gave you a peek at my wedding cake yesterday, the outside at least. The cake was my big thing. I didn't mind how everything else went really (oh my, that makes me sound nutty lol). I love cake in all forms. I always say, bad cake is better than no cake, but good cake is tons better than bad cake. A friend of mine swore on this place. It is in Boston's South Shore, a bit of a hike, but I made the husband take me down to do the testing. I wish I could do a tasting everyday! I think I ate every single morsel they brought out, about 10 slices. Hey, its not everyday you get to have a cake tasting. Now I haven't historically been a carrot cake fan but theirs made carrot cake rise to a whole new level. Amazing. So since it was the husbands favorite and the heaviest, it went on the bottom. The next layer was golden cake with a strawberry Grand Marnier cream filling...mmmm. The top got to be Stacy's special pick. Mango Mousse of course! It was perfect, and they even delivered it 2 hours to CT (for a small fee). I do take my cake very seriously. In case you are all wondering why I am sharing about my wedding that happened over a year ago, it is because it was so fun, but mostly I am finally going through the pictures and stories keep popping into my head.
We didn't live close to family very much growing up. We moved all over and most (on both sides) live in Utah. When we moved to AZ though, my dad's littlest sister moved down with us. She likes the weather and being close to us of course. She is like my big sister; a very funny, smart, loving lady. She has been getting really sick lately. She can't drive or work and she's not sure why. My mom told me tonight she was admitted to the hospital. Hopefully they can figure out what's wrong and get her back to her wonderful self. When she flew out here to the wedding, she hadn't flown in 15 years. And she did it for me! I love you Tia Juanita, get better soon. The pictures are Aunt Janet in the middle then my brother and littlest sister. My family is a hoot. By the way, if any of you have a nice, single, 20 something daughter in AZ or UT that could use a nice handsome date let me know. (Just don't show her the second picture lol)

Before I go I have to tell you about this new AMAZING blog I found. It really touches my heart. It is called Blind Pig and the Acorn. It is a blog about this womans life and roots in Appalachia. She has Appalachian music, a place to post memories of our grandmas and monthly giveaways. What could be better. She writes beautifully and makes me proud of my history as well. Tipper, your blog is my daily treat, almost as good as cake! So go check her out, you won't want to leave. Have a great Easter everyone!

Friday, March 21, 2008


So I had this great idea. There is a cute quick project I wanted to make so I could show and demonstrate to my embroidery groups (yes there is 2 now, one for the night walkers and one for the day trippers). I figured I could make a simple one then post an easy tutorial on line for easy reference. I wanted to get it ready for the next post which is why I haven't posted (grrrr) but things just kept getting in the way. I get so tired sometimes. I really have to do things in small increments. I'd love to be able to tackle something and stay at it for hours, like I used to, but sometimes our body gives us limitations and draws a line in the dirt. I used to fight it, feel worse and end up with nothing but pain and anger. Lately I have been trying to just flow with it. Do things when I have energy and step back and rest when I don't. It seems to be working...but I still get frustrated sometimes.
Soooo, I had this little project. It is a embroidered burp rag. I saw it somewhere last year and have since made several as gifts. Finally today it was all ready to be put together. I pinned it up nice and sewed relatively straight lines. I go to turn it right side out and suddenly my heart dropped. I hadn't sewn right sides together...uhhhhh. I have been a little out of it lately I thought. I could just leave it but it was for a tutorial so I better make it look as good as possible. So I got out the seem ripper and went to town.
Once done I measured again, traced the seam line to be perfectly straight, ironed both parts again and pinned. I had gotten out my sewing manual in the mean time, realized I had my needle in the wrong position and the tension a little off, fixed it and off I went. Beautiful straight lines, no pull; finally I had done it. With a content heart I go to turn it right side out again and NOOOOOOOO. I had done it again! What in the world is wrong with me? Well needless to say, my motivation for finishing the tutorial went out the window with my logical thinking. I will finish it up tomorrow, I swear it! But that baby is staying the way it is. Wasn't it cool at one time to wear your clothes backwards? I'm pretty sure it was, must be coming back , he he. So this is what it looks like now, I just need to top stitch it down then do a few wavy lines to quilt it. I guess The best thing is to just laugh about it!
On a more positive note, one of the reasons I may have been distracted today is that I WON! I WON! I'm not sure what I won so it's gonna be a SURPRISE! Niki from Niki's Ventures is always posting newer blogs she runs across and likes. She sent me over to Lisa's blog called Upstate Lisa. Lisa is a Canadian living on the border of NY and Vermont. She is so creative and entertaining. It just so happened it was her 50th post and she was having a surprise giveaway. And I WON! I'll let you know what I won as soon as it comes. Check out Lisa's blog, you won't be disappointed. Also, Niki has a lot going on over at her spot including a homemade quilt auction starting next week. And, put her in your prayers as she is having some scary health issues.
Mumsy said she is so happy about my sewing progress that she wanted to get me a spring gift. Mumsy loves to sew, she got her BA degree in Home Ec in 1978, which means a sewing degree with a little family dynamics thrown in. She always wanted one of us 3 girls to sew but we never did. She is so happy that I am now and loving it. So, back to the gift. I needed some more fabric for my Dear Jane. In a lot of blocks, the 5" charm is too small. I found this great fabric shop that sells fat eighths...perfect. It is called the Calico Cottage Quilt Shop. They had tons of 30's repro options too. I was willing to go for a cheaper pack but Mumsy insisted on these, and they are sublime. I love the nursery type prints and all the little flowers. It arrived the next day! I now have plenty for now. Its so pretty I feel like I should make all the blocks tonight. Then steps in the balancing my life thing again.

It was freezing today. I don't think I can look at one more picture of a blooming spring flower. I keep thinking one day it must end. There was a bit of sunshine today. I gathered my stuff to take outside (despite the cold) in anticipation of getting some pictures in the sun. When I went to prop the door open, the wind was so strong, I could barely hold the door. Oh least I WON! Thank you Lisa! Before my drowsy head falls on to the keyboard, I'll leave you with a peak at my amazing wedding cake and wish everyone good night. Love Stacy

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dear Jane, Stay with me...

I finished A-6: Uncle Homer, for my dear Jane quilt. The seams aren't perfect but not bad. I really like the color pattern. Soon I need to try to figure out how I will organize it color wise but for now I am just trying to finish the blocks we are doing in the group.
I also finished A-7: Dad's Plaids
I am not happy with it though. This one was tough for me which is scary since I think it is still one of the easy one lol. When I shrunk the image the grain lines really showed up in the white fabric. I didn't have enough fabric for the whole thing in the flowers so I used 3 fabrics. I don't mind it but think I maybe should have stuck with just 2. The real problem though, is the size. I thought I did the measurements right but I think it is too big. The ruler here is 4 1/4. Hmm, maybe its not too bad but the seam allowance will be really close to the edge of the melons. I think I am going to redo this one. It will be my first redo and I am brand new to applique so its ok. (notice the pep talk I keep giving myself) So Jane, wish me luck. Have a good day all!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Stitching Bonanza

Hello. What a busy few days I have had. I noticed that the more time I spent online and blog surfing, the less time I had to do things to blog about so I tried to take more time for crafts this weekend. Also, I had my first embroidery group today that I swear I was tricked into volunteering to teach. I had to go shopping to get supplies for their little kits, put kits together and plan what we would do. I haven't taught anything for awhile. I am not a pro stitcher but I know the basics and love to do it. I was a bit nervous but the tricksy lady who got me into this was so nice and excited that it was hard to be too scared. Also, I have secretly wanted people to stitch with for so long that inside I was really hoping it would work out. Five ladies came, and it turned out great I think. The 2 hours flew by. W e practiced a few stitches to get started then they each picked a design from my Sublime Stitching collection, and a little 5" square of fabric. Their home work is to finish the pattern and next time (in 2 weeks) we will make them into little pin cushions. It helped me remember when I started. Its so exciting when you get the hang of a new stitch and it looks good.
There is another group of 5-6 women who want to do it but work in the day so I may do a night group too and just alternate weeks. I loved this group though. Why do I always think socializing is scary?
Do you see Pams devious smile? She is the one with the kidlet in her lap...the trickster. They look happy right? Here is the ladies diligently working and picking out designs and colors. Very important stuff! I had a great time. They decided they wanted to come twice a month...woo hoo! I got me some friends. Thanks for a nice day ladies!
So I get home and go to the fridge to get a drink and I see this....
The husband wants to charge me 6$ a soda! Is it a hint? I guess he'll have to pay himself because he gives me all my money...ha ha. Actually he found this stuck inside the snapple box we got, it must have fallen in. I thought it was funny that he put it up in the fridge.
And I have goodies! Here are the vintage cake toppers I got from here. I can't wait to use them. Maybe I'll make cup cakes for our next group.

I worked all weekend, when I could, on Dads Plaids for the Dear Jane quilt. It has turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. You have to make and applique 4 different parts before sewing together. I was having a lot of trouble with the last one last night so I stopped. Maybe I was just too tired. This is only my second applique ever so I shouldn't get down on myself. The block today is a nice easy one so hopefully I can finish these and be caught up by Thursday. It is really fun watching the progress of the others in the group. Very motivating.
The art swap Big Cat's Emporium started has begun. I have a month to create my masterpiece and get it off to Australia. I have a great idea, I just hope I can pull it off. I love the international part of it. Isn't the internet amazing! My women time finally ended so I have lots of hope for this week here at Two Cold Feet...which by the way, are freezing at the moment. I better go warm up my special booties.
Oh, and thanks to everyone that voted in my poll. It is going very strongly towards no water in the bird bath. My eccentric father pointed out that if the wind was blowing the water would hit the little bird in the head so the bird wouldnt even come to the bath. Good point padre. No water it is! Have a great week all!

Friday, March 14, 2008

New Poll

I really need your help on deciding the fate of my last embroidery for my sisters quilt! I put the picture up on the left side right above the poll. Should I keep the water fountaining in the bird bath or leave it out? Please take a sec to vote. Thanks for your help!. Input on it is also welcome. I am just torn.

Stacy vs the Applique Volcano

I just want to get my new block up today. Since I am in the midst of my monthly "woman time", me expounding on more topics may be a bad idea. I have never done appliqué before so was a little nervous for C-9, "Jane's Tears". I finally got that illusive freezer paper and WOW, it is amazing. What did people do before freezer paper. It makes Jane's quilt even more amazing. I messed up on the first block I prepared, but it was easy to set up a second one since you can reuse the freezer paper over and over. It really stays on there, helped by my brand new 10$ iron. I had no idea how to proceed. Anina said to use the whipping stitch, no idea what that was and I couldn't find a good illustration for using it on reversed appliqué. The first tear went slow but suddenly....I got it! Like a flash of lightening, it all made sense. I flew through the last 3 tears and am ready for more. Bring it on reversed appliqué, I can take you!
They are redoing the floors in the front hallway of our building, meaning we have to use the back door for 3 days. We went to try our key to make sure it worked and NOPE. So George, our eccentric and trusty super decided he would replace it, not knowing it was a dead bolt. He is one of those save everything and use what you have before getting a new one kind of guys, so he spent all day trying to jimmy a new lock before deciding he needed a whole new dead bolt. That took about 6 hours, meanwhile, the back door was wide open to the 32 degree weather. We both had 3 sweatshirts, a hat and a scarf on all day and were still freezing. I should have told him I just wont leave the house and we'll fix the lock in the summer. Uhhhh. See, this is what I meant by expounding on subjects!
This was my breakfast, lunch and dinner yesterday. The husband tried to intervene, and quickly backed away. I will have my cake! Next week we'll talk about vegetables. I know you ladies understand. I am off to start todays block, A-7, "Dads Plaids". Then I will be all caught up. This group is great. I would never be able to do this without it! Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ups and Downs

Hello Hello! I finished my second Dear Jane block and Victory! It is D-13, Field of Dreams. Of course they are both about the easiest ones on the whole quilt but it's a good start anyway. Melissa from the group had taken the binding off her book and put each page into a binder. When she finishes a block she just sticks it in that pages pocket. Though my heart broke a little destroying this lovely (signed) book, it will be much easier to use this way. Great idea hun. She did mention though that the blocks were slipping out if the binder was upside down so I just got a little paper clip and clipped it to the page. The clip is small enough that it shouldn't leave and impression. I took a picture to show how it turned out. Now I just need my freezer paper and I'm ready for the appliqué (she says with a silly scared grin on her face). I haven't felt well today , so I didn't go out, but soon, I swear. ( i just ran to store and got my freezer paper and a red velvet cake, that should make me feel better!)It has been cold and rainy all day, which adds to me feeling crappy, but it can't last forever can it? For Christmas Doug and I each got these slippers with rice in them that you can heat up in the microwave. Doug uses his all the time. They are fuzzy pink, it is adorable seein' him walking around in them. I hadn't used mine yet but I am so cold today I pulled em out and presto!, warm tootsies. They even have little pockets that you stick aromatherapy in, soothing. It's funny, in the day, my feet have to be warm or all of me freezes. But at night, if my feet are warm it drives me crazy and I can't sleep. I can be covered from head to ankle in warm blanket but my feet have to stick out. Life's idiosyncrasies, what would we do without them?

So I have decided to try to get a little more involved in church. Nothing crazy, but maybe some service and a few craft groups. When Pam, one of the ladies in charge, found out I embroidered she asked if I would be willing to teach a few people once or twice a month. I'd love to have a few people to stitch with and I know enough and have enough supplies to teach the basics. So we are starting Monday, those ladies work fast! I am going to get a few little starter kits together and bring all my Sublime Stitching patterns. I think it will be really good for me. I have to keep reminding myself that being social is a good thing, lol. I went to the cooking group last night. Most of the ladies there cant cook at all so they are learning very basic things which I already know but the teacher was really good with them. I don't know if I will go to that one all the time. Mostly it was just good for me to get out.
I was going through my wedding photo's today. It has been over a year but I am slow and still don't have them organized. I came across this one. Isn't it crazy. It looks just like the old ones of my great and regular grandparents. Especially how I am not smiling. I think It is pretty cool. Maybe I can get a hold of some of the old ones and put them all together. I was never very feminine. I am really trying to get in touch with the inner woman inside me but it doesn't happen over night. The wedding was a bit of a challenge but I found this amazing dress which made things easier. It fit so well I needed no adjustments. Here is a picture in color so you can see how the dress really looks. Its nice to look at these when I'm feeling crappy. I can see I looked good at least 1 day in my life, he he. They lift my spirits.

I just wanted to mention this site I found through the Dear Jane Group. It is called Lynette Anderson Designs. This woman is amazing. Everything she makes is so cute and unique. Just browse through, you wont be disappointed. Mostly she has this little quilt-along she's doing. It is called Noah's Ark and has 12 blocks to embroider. Each one is different in size and animal. March is the first one so it is easy to jump right in, the pattern is free. Here is the first block, 2 rabbits. Its tiny too, only 2 1/2 inches.

I better see about getting the husband fed. Have a nice evening all!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sweet Jane

Hello Tuesday. What do you have in store for me today?
Yesterday was a jackpot goody wise. I received 3 packages. Woo Hoo. My Dear Jane book, my dear jane charm packs, and some little ditties I found on Etsy. Now I know how excited all you ladies get when you get a nice pack of fabric. I got 30's repro packs and they are so fresh and colorful. The Etsy package came from Crafty Dad. I had been looking for a simple fabric coaster pattern and these looked so nice, I'm afraid to use them. I threw in a little tissue holder for good measure. We have to support those dads.
With my new supplies I was able to begin my Dear Jane journey. Thank you, thank you Anina for starting with the easier ones. I can get my feet wet, get comfortable with the size, style, and hems before we dive in to deep water. I worked for a couple hours in the cold (never ending cold) afternoon. I am really happy with how it turned out. I did sew the last strip on backward (I was so excited to be almost done). It was sewn perfectly backwards though so that is something. I took me a few min. to fix and first ever pieced block.
This is B-13: Four Corner Press

Today I am on too D-13, Field of Dreams. I looked for freezer paper at Target to no avail. Hmmm...where can I find this illusive freezer paper to start my appliqué?
Cathy at Big Cats Emporium has started a cute international craft swap. The theme is "Into the Woods". Tessa and I are in. You have til Sunday to sign up. You can do anything you want and have a month to do it. More fun for my busy April, which reminds me; April isn't April without a birthday cake for yours truly! The big day is the 20th, but since I haven't had a birthday at home for 10 years we will make the cake when I get to Arizona. I have enlisted the help of this adorable site and their fantastic cake toppers. I ordered a couple sample packs...cant wait. So get into that swap! You don't want to miss the chance to possibly get some of Cathy and Tessa's art. As for mine...I promise I will do my best!

I just had to post this picture I found. It is a Paula Dean brain child. I dont know if I should be horrified or intrigued. Would you eat this? You would have to have a million wet naps handy. In case you didnt notice, those are DONUTS in the place of buns. And an egg, Aussie style. Wow!
The cooking group I was invited to is tonight. I hope I feel good enough to go. It is really good for me to get out, and easier when it is for something I love and not to just socialize or hang out. It is pork meals tonight. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm off to make my block and try some more hand quilting. Have a great day!