Tuesday, February 26, 2008


My little sock creation wanted to share in the excitement of getting my first comments. She says "Thank You, Thank You! for putting my mom in a good mood and giving her motivation to keep writing and crafting away. You know how crazy moms can get, thinking everything has to be perfect. I keep telling her just keep going, if you mess up just deal and move on. For example I have an extra leg on my head. I'm glad she left it though cause now if I fall upside down I still have a leg to stand on. He he he"

Whoa, I cant believe I let her go on like that. In my Christmas haul I got this book to make stupid sock creatures. The husband thought it would be good cause if I messed up it would make it more unique. And sure enough, and extra leg landed on this girls head. Lucky I had some feathery strands to cover it up and make her feel pretty :). These creatures have been great therapy for me. I mentioned before that suddenly I needed my socks to match. Well that left me with dozens of crazy matchless socks...Perfect. So to my new blog friends, you better not be too nice to me or you may have Extra Foot Girls little sister show up at your door..and you can see the trouble she causes. Speaking of trouble makers...heres a quick pick of Bertha child on her special heart blankie she stole from me. Her eyes make her look scarier than she is, I told you she is off that medication!

Well I finally went out and wrote comments on a few of my favorite blogs today. And guess what! These ladies are even cooler than they seem! I see all the mail they must get and cant thank them enough for popping in to see crazy ol' me. I noticed that Niki Ventures was having a little give away and thought that may be a good place to start. It goes til March 17th for those of you that haven't jumped in yet, the link is here. Her blog is so honest and fun. Honesty is so refreshing in this world. She left a great little comment ....then left a little post about my new endeavor right on her site!!!! I was so touched and felt like a little girl with a big chocolate bunny. Thank you again Niki for that. Since then I have received a few more comments...yay! More blogs for me to visit.

I am almost set to start cutting out squares for quilt #2. I got all the supplies in the mail this week, including my 24in quilting hula hoop!

Check that thing out, it is humongous. Now I know what to do when I have kidlets and we cant afford real toys. Throw some ribbon on this thing and tell them to go hula! Actually, I can get 2 out of this, sweet! For some reason, in my head 24in only seemed like 12in. I was always really horrible at math. So as I was saying, I have the tools..now I just need to get to work. I am pretty good at teaching myself things but I'm thinking it might help to take a class, since I've never used the rotary cutter and all. I found a quilt shop not far from me that is having beginner classes all through March so I think I better sign up, give myself a kicking start. Until then I might try some little coasters just to get my sewing fingers and foot warmed up. I am hoping the blizzard like conditions we had today will have disappeared by tomorrow so I can go check the shop out and sign up.

Thank you all again for your lovely words. If any of you try the soup let me know, unless you hated it, then keep it to yourself. lol. I better get some time in with the darling husband before he gets lonely. Sweet Dreams.

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Terri said...

Those sock critters look like they would be loads of fun to do. I might have to get that book myself.