Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On my way...

I think I am ready. My list is all marked off and my bags are packed. I had some minor setbacks/mistakes with my meds but nothing I can do now. Hubs will just have to mail them. I have one entire duffel bag full of fabric, quilt books, projects etc. I know most of you are used to that(wink wink) but it is a first time for me. Kind of fun though. Mumsy and I have a lot to do!
I heard tale of this amazing cactus that my aunt has, the night blooming cactus, that has flowers on it right now. I am hoping to get over to see it while it is still blooming since I never have. Mumsy says it is the most beautiful flower she has ever seen, and that's saying something! And the jasmine wall my parents have just came into bloom. So as soon as I load up on allergy medicine I can leave the shelter of the house and go look at it(ha, it is so pretty but man does it make my head blow up!).
I am a little behind on my Baby Jane, getting sick really stalled me, but I have them all prepped for appliqué if they need it and the others cut up as well. I will catch up! There are some amazing blocks being made in our group. If you haven't checked out the Baby Jane Flickr group yet, you should pop on over. Some beautiful fabrics and colors as well.
I better get to bed so I will leave you with a the rest of those cat quilts from the other day! I think I like the last one best but it's a hard choice. See you all in Arizona.
Oops, thats my crazy cat. Sorry.


Originally uploaded by hens teeth
These may be the cutest things I have ever seen. I am now going to check out everything Hens Teeth has ever done! More coming later as it is my last chance to get you all up to speed before I go to AZ tomorrow. Woo hoo! These little guys have me smiling from ear to ear!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Charlie Brown......

and Stacy. Yep, it's my birthday(for another 44 min). I always love my birthday. It signifies spring, growth, and the fact that life allowed me another year. I don't mind getting older. In fact a lot of the time I wish I was already in my early 70's. All that experience behind me and no reason why I can't be as crazy as ever. Spoiling the grandkids, making crazy old lady crafts. But I know that in order to have any peace and be the old lady I wish to be, I actually have to have those experiences. Rats! On the up side, I only have 40 or so years left til I hit those golden days in my dreams, almost half way there.
I had a great Birthday! weekend. I love how having my blog this short time has already given my activities more value and made my life fuller. There doesn't seem to be many quilty/crafty bloggers in my area, and I haven't been able to break into the quilting community yet, so when I saw this blog on Thursday I was thrilled. Joanna is a beautiful quilter and loves appliqué as well...but the best part...she only lives 45 min. away. As I read through her blog I saw we had many things in common so I sent her a little note. She wrote back just as excited and asked if I wanted to go to the Machine Quilters Expo with her on Sat. It was in Manchester NH, an hour away as the car drives. This would be my first quilt show and my first real live bloggy meeting. How could I refuse?
I was so excited that I set all my clothes and supplies out Friday night, set 2 alarms and went to bed early. Bright and early the next morning I set off and got there without a hitch; and it's a beautiful drive to boot! We had each read each others entire blog so we knew what was going on in our lives and to me, it felt like I had known her for years.
Joanna brought her fantastic little girl(7 going on 30) Sofia. She got restless a few times but we let her go free with the camera and I promised her any fat quarter she wanted if she hung in with us without getting too cranky. They were both such a delight(even though they plum wore me out). And...Joanna had stayed up late making her and I matching little bags, mine for my birthday. I love it. We live close enough that we can get together often to work on quilts and projects and go shopping. Yay.
The show was good too. They had tons of long arm machines and dealers there. Those machines are a trip. I did take a few pictures. There were so many quilts, so I decided to focus on a group of whimsical cat quilts(see, I think I am already becoming an old crazy cat lady). I will show that whole group tomorrow. They are by different artists but all(or most) all had the same green cat fabric. I have seen it before but can't remember where. I am sure many of you will recognize it. There are also a few others thrown in. I loved this 4 seasons one. The appliqué is adorable.

I had a pretty relaxed day. I will celebrate my birthday with my family next weekend when I am home, but I had a few pressies from Doug's family to open that are great! I got an away Wakefield RedSox Jersey! He is my favorite player and now I have something to wear to the games(or game as it usually turns out lol). Doug has a custom made one as well but in the white "home" colors. Thank you Joan and Jim, I love it. I didn't get a pic of it today but I will soon. I also got some fat quarters and quilting notions from Doug's sisters. They just read my blog and figured out what I would like...and they were spot on. Doug got me some wonderful framed Tolkien Trilogy vintage book covers and prints, and also another really cool set of paperbacks to complete a set we have.
As the day wore on with no cake magically appearing I decided I had to have a birthday dessert. So I decided to make the Cherry Delight that Vickie and Lily blogged about here. I even made the crust from scratch and let me tell you, a delight it is.
It tastes so light and refreshing, and no cooking necessary. I did feel it needed a little decoration though. It looks like all the animals are floating on top of the snow, around a big cherry pond. I think Doug was a little horrified but he knows I love my little fairy lands of talking animals and cherry ponds.
Since I leave early Wed. morning for AZ I only have 2 full days left, and tons to do. I need to prep all the blocks and stitcheries to do at home, pack all the fabric ect, make sure I have all my medicines filled, make sure Doug has enough to eat while I am gone...and on and on and on. So I better get started. I will try to post once more before I go. I am sure I will check in while I am there too. Have a great week everyone! Love Stacy
p.s. I don't think it is Charlie Browns birthday, it just sounded good : )

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sun Sun Sun

I am finally feeling better (at least for today) and it is sunny and above 50 degrees. This is where you picture me dancing around, at least I am picturing myself dancing around, even if my body doesn't show any actual movement! I have lots of fun to share today though so I better get started.
I went for a much needed walk yesterday to this little thrift store a few blocks away. All in all there wasn't much there, but I did find these two little treasures for under a dollar.
I really have to blame Barbara over at Oodles and Oodles for my new obsession with thrifted things I would have normally overlooked. She has been doing this countdown for the last month to her self appointed start of yard sale season. And that day is tomorrow, April 18th. She keeps showing all the great little things she has found and has helped put me more in touch with this more crafty, feminine part of Stacy that has been hiding inside for so long. She also participated in a show and tell this Sunday (which led to to more great blogs) on vintage hankies. She has tons, and they are all beautiful. I have to say, as one prone to allergies, that the idea of using a cloth hanky, as an actual hanky kind of grosses me out. I suppose it is a flaw against the environment that I will just have to live with. But as a little piece of the past or a presentation of kindness between friends, I can totally jump on the hanky bandwagon! It was in this spirit that I spotted my two little hanky/dish towel treasures. They are a little big to be hankies and a little small for dish towel. I think I will call them dankies? Any way, check out the little "windows" in them filled with the tiniest embroidery and needlework! There is a bit of masking tape stuck to the back which I think I can pull off with a little effort, but otherwise they are the first in my hanky or danky collection!
So I stayed up late burning the Dear Jane oil. I was working on C-3: Rayelle's Fence which I have renamed "Cut up a bunch of tiny squares and painstakingly sew them back together". It was really good piecing practice for me, but it did take a lot of very delicate handling. And since the sun is finally starting to shine, I was able to take it outside for some real light shots. Woohoo!

C-3: Rayelle's Fence
I cut the strips/pieces to the exact measurements Anina gave, and even trace the 1/4 in. seam allowance, but with a smidgeon here and a wee bit there, it has turned out a little small. What do I do? It is between 4 3/4 in and 5 in. Not that I couldn't use the practice making a new one, but I have lots of others to practice on so I am hoping I can make it work. All my others have been to big. I am just not quite sure how to make it bigger in a block like this without messing up the whole thing. Do I just make the outside pieces bigger? Any thoughts?

OK, is it me or is Blogger all wacky today? I have been trying to post this since 1pm but either the pictures wont load, or it wont save. I think we are really spoiled to have all this amazing technology at our fingertips but when you plan on it working and it doesn't...uhhh. I had more on my list but what with all the crazy blogger stuff, I am going to post this while I can. More soon, and possibility of something super exciting for Sat. Keep your fingers crossed!

Her space/My space Photo #2

Finally, the sun is shining and my camera clicking. I also figured out how to put words on my pictures! Here is todays attempt...


Say, do or show the same thing again or form a pattern. Find repeat in your space today.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One down...

Hi everyone! My whirlwind weekend was really nice. I had a great time catching up with Caroline. We went to a nice dinner at a cool little Cambridge Haunt. We had salmon ceviche, mussels, and baked Gouda, all of which was fantastic. Even more so since Doug doesn't eat fish so I rarely get to myself. Then I took her to one of the last authentic Irish Pubs left in the area, The Druid*. We talked about the old days and the new days, both of us being married now, etc. Then hung out with my hubby and his friend who were rightfully jovial just coming from a victorious Red Sox game. The game was rain delayed several hours so their speech was a little more slurred than usual but I'm just happy when he has a great time. He spends a lot of time worrying about and taking care of me so a good night out without me can only do him good. Plus he brought me home a little surprise which I will show you in a minute. Then Sunday morning I took Caroline to the greatest breakfast eatery in the neighborhood, aptly called The Neighborhood. I took my camera but I am really bad at remembering to use it when I am doing things. In the summer they serve breakfast outside under grape vines and colorful umbrellas so I will get some then. My friend Sheila owns it. Her family is from Portugal so a lot of the food is influenced in that way. They had strawberry cheesecake french toast on special that looked amazing. It was Portuguese sweet bread french toast sandwiching fresh strawberries and sweet cream. I already had my heart set on the eggs benedict or I would have been in. Anyway it is a very unique little place and I usually take company there when I can. Caroline had to be at her conference by noon though so she got ready and left soon after breakfast but I think she really enjoyed the short little slice of my life I was able to show her. It had been a long time since we'd seen each other but we seemed to pick up right where we left off. Isn't that the best kind of friendship?
After she left on Sunday I got really tired and had to lay down. I have been feeling that way again since then, having to sleep and sleep and feeling sick to my tummy and weak. Ahhh. It is very frustrating, but I have still been doing the best I can when I am not sleeping, making my embroidery group and appointments. Thank you all so much for your well wishes. They mean a lot to me, and help keep me focused on doing what I can to feel better. I know it won't last but sometimes it just stays longer than I would like.
Needless to say I didn't get my Baby Jane blocks done Sunday night like I had wanted. I did finish appliquéing K-7, but since I am going slower than usual these days it took me several hours and by that time I had to lay down again. Finally tonight I was able to sit down and sew it together. I think it looks pretty good. This was also my first attempt at any sort of fussy cutting which I think adds that extra touch.
K-7 Rose of Sharing

I still have 2 to finish to get caught up by Thursday hopefully but this was a good start. When I'm gone, I am going to try to work on my blocks but am not sure how easy that will be so I really want to leave caught up! I hadn't thought about it but I guess I will just take a few fabrics in each color line with me since I don't know what the blocks are yet but am trying to follow a pattern.
I got my quilt books in the mail yesterday. I picked the one Jacquie suggested, "Quilts, Quilts, Quilts" by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes. Thanks Jacquie, it looks great. I also grabbed a few on sale and finally got Lisa Boyers first book. Here to show them off we have Mr. Tiny Green Monster, who the husband brought home for me from the game Saturday. He likes to bring me little things like that when I can't go with him. I love it.

One week tomorrow I will be heading to AZ for some fun with mumsy, quilting, dessert making, and sitting in the sun! All of which should do me some good. Thank you again for all the lovely comments. I have a feeling I had something else to tell you but it has slipped my mind for the moment. Ahh well. Sleep Tight!

*Check out the Druids web site. Isn't it nice? It was made by my one and only husband : )

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Frizz Factor

Yesterday morning the husband asked me if I had any plans for the weekend. With a bit of relief I told him that there was a quilt-a-thon I may indulge in to at least get caught up on my Baby Jane blocks and wouldn't mind hitting a quilt shop on the South Shore that I heard was good, but other than that I was free as a bird. Not that I usually do anything but it feels good to know that there isn't anything I have to do besides sewing and crafts. That was all before the phone call last night!
It was my friend Caroline that I worked with 8 years ago in this great ice cream parlor in Scottsdale. She is coming in town on business and asked me awhile ago if it was cool if she came a day early to hang and catch up. Here I am thinking she was calling to remind me that she would be here next weekend...but no! It is today! I am the worst planner. I am really excited to see her, show her a slice of the Boston I know, catch up on old times etc., I just wish I had payed attention to the real date. I tend to think of time in monthly or bi-monthly increments. For instance, I knew she was coming in April, but I kept thinking April was still in the future...not that April is now. So we went on a rapid cleaning spree (a still going on cleaning spree) and I pick her up in an hour and a half. I had counted on the husband to drive me to the airport to get her but around noon he runs into my office begging me to let him go to the Red Sox game today. Isn't it funny how he asks permission. I think he was just as excited that he had an out from spending the whole time with the 2 of us. He gets so excited about going to games, and he got a brand new Wakefield Jersey for Christmas! I said of course...if he stepped up and helped me clean before he left. I still need to vacuum my office area and clean the bathroom floor (and clean myself!) and I'll be ready as I'll ever be.
Caroline and I seemed like natural friends. We like similar things and music. We would go dancing on Brit Pop night, drink the big bottles of Newcastle, and talk about life and creativity. She is a beautiful artist. She has a great blog where she sells her paintings. This owl is one of hers! She also has her work in several galleries and art shows around Phoenix.
When I asked the husband if he remembered how I knew her, he replied "rehab?". Ha ha. (When I was in my late teens I spent some time in some hospital rehabs for eating disorders, and struggle on and off with that, so he never really knows how I meet all the interesting people in my life). I could say that the time in my life when I knew Caroline was a rehab of sorts. A time when I began liking myself for who I was and not worrying about who I wasn't. A time when I realized that the outlook one has on life makes all the difference. A time I will always be grateful for. So I am a little nervous, but I am ok with who I am now and really excited to think back on that pivotal time I spent in Scottsdale all those years ago.
I have been watching her flight closely, checking for delays or changes in the flight. There has been some crazy weather today, and a prospect of thunder storms later, so I clicked on the weather icon to see if I could get more details. That is when I stumbled upon this.
I must say that I thought I was seeing things. It couldn't possibly be what I thought it was. But sure enough, some crazy weather loonies have graphed the frizz factor for all types of weather. Basically, I am out of luck as far as frizz goes...being one with frizz-prone hair! And today frizz is likely for all hair types. Oh my. I better get to taming that hair before my guest comes or I am likely to regain my old nick name from middle school...Afro! (that is definitely a random thing about me, I'll see if I can dig up some pics!) I will be back soon with more project updates and the final installment of random things about myself. Until then, heres wishing you a frizz free day!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A bunch of things wrapped up with a bow

There are times when days go by, drifting on one by one, while my mind and body just exist. No dates have meaning; i see night and day and day and night but can not think of how many. It is a lot better than it once was, when it was months not days, or even a year. Now it is days, which means things are better. This last weekend until now has been like that.
I am not sure if I get a virus or a cold, most likely I just hit a bad spell. The problem with my illness is that no matter how well I manage things, I still hit bad spells. When I start feeling better, I finally look back and realize all I have missed. My husband is the best though, continually whispering that it won't last. That it is ok and I can wait it through like I have so many times! But I wasn't crafting and writing daily then. Now each day holds new challenges and excitement. New ideas and maybe(if I'm lucky) some fabric. Today was still tough but I am wanting to get out for a walk and shower so I know I'm coming back! But our super decided today, after telling him for a year, to fix our leaking sink. He was here for hours. At one point he ran to the hardware store so I ran to get in the shower, excited to be fresh and clean. I turn the faucet and...no water! Uhhhh. And after all that it still leaks. He said he would get to it first thing but it's another day of living in my sweaty, tired, un-bathed body. But at least I realize it, at last!
When I get really sick like I have been, my husband does all he can to cheer me up. He got me tulips, a very special seasonal treat, and a red velvet cake. He said that cake always seems to cheer me up and if I don't eat it for breakfast this time and make him proud I may get another. How cute. I guess a good thing about this ordeal is that part of the problem is this awful stomach ache. That sickly kind that won't go away with a good ol' bathroom break. So I haven't been inclined to indulge in my usual temptations. Ok ok, I know your dieing to know what the special treat that isn't the cake is. Fine, I'll give you a hint. But be alarmed, they are the best invention since toilet paper! Trust me.

And the cake. I think my favorite part is the cake "sprinkles" they put on it. Meaning they sprinkle bits of cake on the frosting. It's so pretty and tasty as well. Ahhhh. Enough about the cake!
I leave for home 2 weeks from today. I am really excited. Not only will I get to be warm again but I get to stay for 2 whole weeks. We have a lot to do! Two quilts to put together then quilt (at least 1 will be pieced already), oh and maybe a baby one too. Tessa and I have a million desserts to cook and show off, projects to work on, and hopefully a trip to either Mexico or an old Mission in the area. Kelli, from AfricanKelli, posted a week or so ago about a beautiful old mission founded by a Spanish missionary in the 1700's I think, which is only an hour or two away. In all my time living there, I never went to anything like that. Kelli has a great site, she is doing a public health week, which is full of great info, simple but important things. We also have 25,000 quilt shops to visit. It's gonna be close but I think we can get to all of them! I think I should try to visit one Mexican restaurant for every quilt shop as well. Seems only right. Oh man, sometimes I crack myself up.
I did manage to finish something tonight, though I dragged it out a lot longer than the promised 1 hour. I take the blame for that though. My bag! I did it! I used the wonderful tutorial from Jodie at RicRac. It could easily be done in an hour too, if you don't live a turtles life like me. I still have to get some buttons (or make some) to match for the sides but otherwise she is good to go. I used fabrics I had (about 1 yard I think), some low loft cotton batting, and a magnetic button. Curly Pops has made a few as well. You could really do anything you wanted with them, embellish away. Without further ado...
I'll show you again when I get the buttons and hopefully some sunshine!

I have one quick question before I go. Thank you so much Robin for your answers to my previous questions. Things are much clearer in my mind. Ok, I have a 25$ gift card to Barnes and Noble and I want a good quilt book. I don't have any yet so am looking for a good one beginner to a little less beginner. I have no idea where to start so please help! Thanks for bearing with me on this one. Hopefully I will be back to my semi-normal self very soon. Love Stacy

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tomorrow is tomorrow is tomorrow

I hope everyone knows that when I say I will post something "tomorrow", I mean sometime after today! I did promise pictures and more randomness about myself didn't I? Thanks to all who posted and responded to my first segment. Since then, I caught up on my Baby Jane homework, received some goodies in the mail, and sat contemplating not only the meaning of life but how to begin my art swap pieces. I know what I want to do but am not sure how to start. I think I should try the technique on some scraps first so I don't mess up my good materials. I am excited though. I also need to finish up the bag I started last week. I got stuck on the top stitching. I had to rip it out 3 times (black thread on black fabric) before I gave up. It could have something to do with it being 3am and me being exhausted. Maybe some better light and rest is what that situation call for!

First order of business...
Can anyone guess what this is? Anyone? Amanda, how bout you?
It is a red velvet whoopie pie of course!
And what, you ask, could warrant such a treat? My gift certificate package from the Fat Quarter Shop arrived! Whoopie! Since it came from Amanda, and she loves cake like me, I had to save this one for the big opening. You ready? I decided to go out on a limb and get myself something other than 30's repro's for my Baby Jane. I have fallen in love with 2 new fabric lines. Oh yes, you ladies have turned me. I can now speak "fabric". It is a tricky language at the start but you catch on very quickly! My first new love...
You got it! Posh from Moda. I was drawn in by the colors, like entering a candy coated dream. I went for the charm pack and 2 1/2 yard cuts. There are so many things I could make with these. I think an apron for myself may be due soon though, since I don't actually have one. Oh before we continue, We better dig in to Amanda's whoopie pie! We want her to have as much happiness with her mouth as with her eyes. How is it Amanda? That cream cheese filling does look tasty.So on my way to sink my teeth into the Posh collection I was taken on a detour by some inticing colors and shapes; Daydream also from Moda. It drew me in. It looks like what it says, a daydream! After much lusting, I settled on 2 more 1/2 yards. They are in a few of my favorite colors and would look great in any room in the house! The last charm pack is a flannel version of Monkeyin' Around! At some point during the holiday shopping fairs and bazaars I went to I acquired 1 yard of a flannel from that collection. Of course I didn't know about any collection at the time, I just thought it was cute. So for 4.99$ I got the charms for the whole set and am now baby quilt ready when ever the occasion may call! My sincerest thanks to you again Amanda for this wonderful gift. I will love these fabrics for many years to come.
Now for the nutragrain stash, though I have taken a few off the top since the shipment arrived! He's always looking out for me. No more hungry excuses.

On to ....
Random things About Stacy Part 2

4. I have moved over 30 times in my life, about 20 before I was14. It wasn't always far away but many times it was to a new state or country I had never been before. We lived in the Dominican Republic when I was 4-5 while my dad went to medical school. We were there for most of what would have been kindergarten for me so my cousin and I were tutored by a fellow American women. For the last couple of months of that year we moved to Wyoming where the teachers took my parents aside and told them they thought I had a learning disability because my vocabulary level was very low. When my dad asked what kind of things they asked they said things like cowboy, horse, corral, prairie etc. Things every good WY kid should know. He laughed and explained to them that not only had I spent the last 2 years in the tropics, but I was at no shortage for words. I could easily tell them pineapple, tarantula, eel, and crab, just not things a cowboy did. That always cracked me up.

5. My feet have to be cool and sticking out of the covers at night while I sleep. In the day they are freezing and I wear 2 socks and wool slippers, but if my feet are hot at night I can't sleep. What's more strange is that if I take a nap in the day time, the socks stay on! I have a pair of those heatable slippers but now I need to invent some cold slippers. Some sort of ice pack booties would be nice, just for the night though!

6. I LOVE Vespa scooters! I first saw them about 11 years ago when I moved to Phoenix after high school. I hung around a bunch of guys who all had one. They were the coolest, most beautiful things I had ever seen. Because I moved so much though, and was going through a tough time I never got one. Now the price for the old ones has trippled. Every time I see one though, my heart skips a beat. My brother got one and didn't tell me for 6 months because he was afraid I would be mad. I was! How could he get one before me? I got over it when he let me drive it though. I do have a small collection of models that I keep right by my desk. My husband says I can't get one while we live in Boston because I would die! He is probably right too...lol. So for now I just dream of the wind in my face, puttering along some mountain cliff overlooking the ocean. Kind of a James Bond on a scooter type scene. I can't wait.

Ok that is six and I believe I promised ten so there will be one more installment coming soon. Before I go I have two quick quilting questions. 1. What is the dealio with the gloves you all buy. Are those for machine quilting? What is their purpose? 2. Does anyone know where I can get the lowdown on interfacing? I notice most of you use a kind with paper on the back. When I went to buy some at the fabric store there was no paper on the back, for the one sided or the double. Is there a special kind to use for quilting and crafts? I am confused and I think it would open some creative doors if I could get the interfacing drama cleared up once and for all! Thanks everyone. Don't let the bed bugs bite! Seriously, they are the most horrible things in the world, oh no, now I am going to have nightmares about them. Uhhhh.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Patient Polly Perfected Paper Piecing

Two more down and up to date! YAY!

B-4 Chris's Soccer Field

This was my first ever real block done by paper piecing. It was a little awkward and I had to redo a few pieces but looks so good at the end. I underestimated a few pieces, not cutting big enough pieces of fabric, so it is a tiny bit off center, but hey, I'll take it!

M-10 Simple Simon

This block was a lot easier than the last, but since these blocks are the first quilt blocks I have ever made, none of it is simple yet. But I'm getting there. No swearing yet, though I am sure that is yet to come!

I noticed there were a lot of new members to our Baby Jane group. I wanted to mention to anyone trying to get started that the Fabric Depot has a couple of good sales at the moment. You can get the Dear Jane Book and templates for 25$. They also have Kona Cotton white and black on sale, 6 yards for just under 20.00$. That's barely over 3$ a yard which is a great deal from what I have seen.

It feels so good to have stayed caught up with the group. I am starting to run low on some colors of fabric. I wanted to join the swap but I have nothing to swap with at the moment. I need to get a few more little packs. The charm packs are a smidgen too small for most blocks and it is hard to find and in between size so if anyone sees any deals for 30's fat eighth's, quarters or at least 8 in squares let me know! Anina, I have to thank you again for doing all of this. It has been so valuable to me and you make that possible! Anina also just made a fantastic fun quilt and is always making a million wonderful things. Go visit her and give her big hugs and kisses!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Random Neon

For some reason I am having a hard time getting myself to post today. I think I have been trying to post only when I have a lot of good stuff to show so if I have a couple dreary days I think it's not worth saying anything. My mind is always rambling with thoughts though, so posting could help me sort them and get them out. Soooo, I haven't felt up to par the last 2 days. Not mental wise, just physically. I take a lot of medicine just so I can function which is good but now and then the side affects can wear me out and take away my stamina.
The husband went shopping today. I usually do all the food shopping but he felt he wanted to get out. Amazing. I am always nervous what he will come home with lol. Usually it involves a ton of sugary, powdered drink mixes. Today was no exception (the extra large strawberry quick mix and koolade) but otherwise he executed the list perfectly. He even did exactly what I would when there was a question. Amazing again! I eat a lot of nutra-grain bars and Kellogg's bars. They are easy on my stomach and when I don't feel like eating but I need to they are a good option to tide me over. Well, apparently Target and the grocery store were having a sale, and he didn't want me to run out. Check this out! It's insane. He must have had 3 bags full. Let's just say I have no excuses. There are 2 large packs of Pop Tarts in there as well. (Ok, I just realized I accidentally erased the nutragrain years supply! Doh. I will take more tomarrow. Instead, You get Queen Bertha pausing while feasting. Sorry, I know you really wanted to see that.)

Then...he got me flowers :). I think they were as much for him as for me...but who's keeping track? I haven't been allowed access to Photoshop yet (just a lesser application until I am ready apparently, hmmmm), but I have been playing around on that until I am granted an upgrade. Anytime sweetie! I love messing around with the light and hue. Its amazing what happens. I don't even know how to fix my banner yet so you know this is exciting for me. He he.
I was tagged on Monday by that lovely rascal Jen at Sew and Sox. I have been thinking of what to say and who to tag when just this second I saw I had another post. It was Cathy from Big Cat's Emporium, tagging me again! Whats bad is she was one of the few people I thought I could tag! Dang! So since both are basically the same, post 6 or 7 random things about yourself, I will round it to 10. How about 5 today and 5 tomorrow. Thank you both for thinking of me though! I will post the rules tomorrow when I finish.

10 Random Things about Stacy part 1

1. I love to eat in bed while I am going to sleep. As you can imagine, this has caused some problems, especially while I was in my chocolate stage. I would fall asleep and wake up with Milky Way covering me and the bed. I only allow myself snack bars now, but now and again I still wake up covered in crumbs. It is something I am working on!

2. I have a difficult time watching movies with a lot of suspense and sudden movements. Actually I should clarify that by saying others have a hard time watching them around me. I scream bloody murder every time something sudden happens. I mean those blood curdling screams that make your spine tingle. It is my ntural response (It might also be wise not to sneak up behind me). Even suspenseful music will do it. I have scared people with my screams more than the movie and had people banging on our walls because I woke them up! What can I say, the movie does its job on me, he he.

3. I am a bit of a Tolkien fanatic. I consider the books to be a valid mythology for our times. Really I just love them. For Christmas hubby got me a true to size and likeness replica of Frodo's (well Bilbo's first) sword Sting! I am serious! When I opened it, I heard my SIL's boyfriend whisper "should we be giving her sharp things"! OMG! But it is amazing. If you look behind the flowers you can see it in it's sheath. I will unveil it in all its glory another day!
Ok, I think I will stick with 3 tonight, I know this is getting long. Don't worry, I will be sharing more randomness tomorrow, with a new Dear Jane block I hope!. Sweet Dreams.