Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sun Sun Sun

I am finally feeling better (at least for today) and it is sunny and above 50 degrees. This is where you picture me dancing around, at least I am picturing myself dancing around, even if my body doesn't show any actual movement! I have lots of fun to share today though so I better get started.
I went for a much needed walk yesterday to this little thrift store a few blocks away. All in all there wasn't much there, but I did find these two little treasures for under a dollar.
I really have to blame Barbara over at Oodles and Oodles for my new obsession with thrifted things I would have normally overlooked. She has been doing this countdown for the last month to her self appointed start of yard sale season. And that day is tomorrow, April 18th. She keeps showing all the great little things she has found and has helped put me more in touch with this more crafty, feminine part of Stacy that has been hiding inside for so long. She also participated in a show and tell this Sunday (which led to to more great blogs) on vintage hankies. She has tons, and they are all beautiful. I have to say, as one prone to allergies, that the idea of using a cloth hanky, as an actual hanky kind of grosses me out. I suppose it is a flaw against the environment that I will just have to live with. But as a little piece of the past or a presentation of kindness between friends, I can totally jump on the hanky bandwagon! It was in this spirit that I spotted my two little hanky/dish towel treasures. They are a little big to be hankies and a little small for dish towel. I think I will call them dankies? Any way, check out the little "windows" in them filled with the tiniest embroidery and needlework! There is a bit of masking tape stuck to the back which I think I can pull off with a little effort, but otherwise they are the first in my hanky or danky collection!
So I stayed up late burning the Dear Jane oil. I was working on C-3: Rayelle's Fence which I have renamed "Cut up a bunch of tiny squares and painstakingly sew them back together". It was really good piecing practice for me, but it did take a lot of very delicate handling. And since the sun is finally starting to shine, I was able to take it outside for some real light shots. Woohoo!

C-3: Rayelle's Fence
I cut the strips/pieces to the exact measurements Anina gave, and even trace the 1/4 in. seam allowance, but with a smidgeon here and a wee bit there, it has turned out a little small. What do I do? It is between 4 3/4 in and 5 in. Not that I couldn't use the practice making a new one, but I have lots of others to practice on so I am hoping I can make it work. All my others have been to big. I am just not quite sure how to make it bigger in a block like this without messing up the whole thing. Do I just make the outside pieces bigger? Any thoughts?

OK, is it me or is Blogger all wacky today? I have been trying to post this since 1pm but either the pictures wont load, or it wont save. I think we are really spoiled to have all this amazing technology at our fingertips but when you plan on it working and it doesn't...uhhh. I had more on my list but what with all the crazy blogger stuff, I am going to post this while I can. More soon, and possibility of something super exciting for Sat. Keep your fingers crossed!


RobinE said...

What fun finds those hankies are! Sometimes I think it would be fun to hop on the thrifting bandwagon-- but then I realize how dangerous and addictive that could be... heaven knows I don't need any more addictions!

As for your Rayelle's Fence, it sounds like it's close enough that it could work if you fudge on the sashing a bit (assuming you're going to use sashing). At least, that's what I'm hoping since I too have a couple of blocks that are a little on the small side. I think though that if it's off more than 1/8" on any one side, that it's probably worth re-doing.

In any case, your block still looks very pretty. That fabric just works so well with the checkerboard look of the block. :)

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Oh, do not blame me, Miss Stacy! (But I'm always happy to have a partner in crime ... or thrifting, as the case may be.) I couldn't figure out how to leave comments with my google account for a few days ... sorry about that! I've been keeping up with you! Keep feeling better!

Tamar said...

Stacy, however do you get your piecework to come together so perfectly?! Your squares are just lovely. And those hankies are great!

Jen said...

I think you can make the block work at the size it is now. As long as it is still bigger than the final 4.5 inches. You will just have some VERY small seam allowances on some sides.

Sarah said...

It is always so fun to read your blog, Stacy! I love looking at all your fun crafts.

Tipper said...

your block is beautiful-and I love thrifting too!

Libby said...

Such a great start on a 'danky' collection. That is just the kind of embroidery work my grandma loved to do *s* I wonder if maybe they are guest towels for the powder room . . . you know the kind of thing you put out to show your work but no one ever touches or uses *s*

LoriT said...

Stacy, like Jen said, I think that your block will work as long as it's 4 3/4 or so.

Your dankies are also adorable. I spent the day sanding down some antique beds that I picked up for a steal at a garage sale last year--and I'll have to admit that I'm excited for more thrifty finds this season.

Keep us posted if you find any fun finds in AZ.