Saturday, April 12, 2008

Frizz Factor

Yesterday morning the husband asked me if I had any plans for the weekend. With a bit of relief I told him that there was a quilt-a-thon I may indulge in to at least get caught up on my Baby Jane blocks and wouldn't mind hitting a quilt shop on the South Shore that I heard was good, but other than that I was free as a bird. Not that I usually do anything but it feels good to know that there isn't anything I have to do besides sewing and crafts. That was all before the phone call last night!
It was my friend Caroline that I worked with 8 years ago in this great ice cream parlor in Scottsdale. She is coming in town on business and asked me awhile ago if it was cool if she came a day early to hang and catch up. Here I am thinking she was calling to remind me that she would be here next weekend...but no! It is today! I am the worst planner. I am really excited to see her, show her a slice of the Boston I know, catch up on old times etc., I just wish I had payed attention to the real date. I tend to think of time in monthly or bi-monthly increments. For instance, I knew she was coming in April, but I kept thinking April was still in the future...not that April is now. So we went on a rapid cleaning spree (a still going on cleaning spree) and I pick her up in an hour and a half. I had counted on the husband to drive me to the airport to get her but around noon he runs into my office begging me to let him go to the Red Sox game today. Isn't it funny how he asks permission. I think he was just as excited that he had an out from spending the whole time with the 2 of us. He gets so excited about going to games, and he got a brand new Wakefield Jersey for Christmas! I said of course...if he stepped up and helped me clean before he left. I still need to vacuum my office area and clean the bathroom floor (and clean myself!) and I'll be ready as I'll ever be.
Caroline and I seemed like natural friends. We like similar things and music. We would go dancing on Brit Pop night, drink the big bottles of Newcastle, and talk about life and creativity. She is a beautiful artist. She has a great blog where she sells her paintings. This owl is one of hers! She also has her work in several galleries and art shows around Phoenix.
When I asked the husband if he remembered how I knew her, he replied "rehab?". Ha ha. (When I was in my late teens I spent some time in some hospital rehabs for eating disorders, and struggle on and off with that, so he never really knows how I meet all the interesting people in my life). I could say that the time in my life when I knew Caroline was a rehab of sorts. A time when I began liking myself for who I was and not worrying about who I wasn't. A time when I realized that the outlook one has on life makes all the difference. A time I will always be grateful for. So I am a little nervous, but I am ok with who I am now and really excited to think back on that pivotal time I spent in Scottsdale all those years ago.
I have been watching her flight closely, checking for delays or changes in the flight. There has been some crazy weather today, and a prospect of thunder storms later, so I clicked on the weather icon to see if I could get more details. That is when I stumbled upon this.
I must say that I thought I was seeing things. It couldn't possibly be what I thought it was. But sure enough, some crazy weather loonies have graphed the frizz factor for all types of weather. Basically, I am out of luck as far as frizz goes...being one with frizz-prone hair! And today frizz is likely for all hair types. Oh my. I better get to taming that hair before my guest comes or I am likely to regain my old nick name from middle school...Afro! (that is definitely a random thing about me, I'll see if I can dig up some pics!) I will be back soon with more project updates and the final installment of random things about myself. Until then, heres wishing you a frizz free day!


Kenningtons said...

TOO FUNNY about the frizz meter!! How fun that you get to catch up with an old friend. Put me on your calendar for some time after Sept. October maybe??? We'll plan when it gets closer.

tipper said...

What girl isn't familiar with frizz? Hope you have a nice visit. The Owl painting is great.

Cooking My Life said...

I know the feeling of ...oh in April, May ..whatever month you are planning something...and then suddenly you realize It IS April. btdt, and flash cleaning is great esp as good friends 'get it'. Have fun!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Life changes on a dime sometimes. I get frizzy hair in the east, too. Its a moisture thing. And I do the month thing, too. My seems like an eternity away but really only 16 days, yikes.

Angelina said...

I hope you and your friend had a great time and that you are feeling loads better.

upstateLisa said...

I can't believe that you had time to blog and still clean!!!! You crazy gal!!! Hope you had fun! Wow how brave of you to open like that to the blog world!!! You are great!!!!
BTW, I haaaate the frizz!!!!

Sandra said...

If you need a photo of the frizz I can probably find one, sorry about that, your father gave it to you, of course, my hair is stick straight and never has had frizz except the one time I permed and went to live in the tropics? Have a great day!

Drewzel said...

I need a "tangle meter" rather than a frizz one! The hair at the nape of my neck gangs up on me and makes little dreadlock babies in a matter of hours!

By the way, where did you get the vintage pic of apron girls and chickens? LOVE it!