Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A bunch of things wrapped up with a bow

There are times when days go by, drifting on one by one, while my mind and body just exist. No dates have meaning; i see night and day and day and night but can not think of how many. It is a lot better than it once was, when it was months not days, or even a year. Now it is days, which means things are better. This last weekend until now has been like that.
I am not sure if I get a virus or a cold, most likely I just hit a bad spell. The problem with my illness is that no matter how well I manage things, I still hit bad spells. When I start feeling better, I finally look back and realize all I have missed. My husband is the best though, continually whispering that it won't last. That it is ok and I can wait it through like I have so many times! But I wasn't crafting and writing daily then. Now each day holds new challenges and excitement. New ideas and maybe(if I'm lucky) some fabric. Today was still tough but I am wanting to get out for a walk and shower so I know I'm coming back! But our super decided today, after telling him for a year, to fix our leaking sink. He was here for hours. At one point he ran to the hardware store so I ran to get in the shower, excited to be fresh and clean. I turn the faucet water! Uhhhh. And after all that it still leaks. He said he would get to it first thing but it's another day of living in my sweaty, tired, un-bathed body. But at least I realize it, at last!
When I get really sick like I have been, my husband does all he can to cheer me up. He got me tulips, a very special seasonal treat, and a red velvet cake. He said that cake always seems to cheer me up and if I don't eat it for breakfast this time and make him proud I may get another. How cute. I guess a good thing about this ordeal is that part of the problem is this awful stomach ache. That sickly kind that won't go away with a good ol' bathroom break. So I haven't been inclined to indulge in my usual temptations. Ok ok, I know your dieing to know what the special treat that isn't the cake is. Fine, I'll give you a hint. But be alarmed, they are the best invention since toilet paper! Trust me.

And the cake. I think my favorite part is the cake "sprinkles" they put on it. Meaning they sprinkle bits of cake on the frosting. It's so pretty and tasty as well. Ahhhh. Enough about the cake!
I leave for home 2 weeks from today. I am really excited. Not only will I get to be warm again but I get to stay for 2 whole weeks. We have a lot to do! Two quilts to put together then quilt (at least 1 will be pieced already), oh and maybe a baby one too. Tessa and I have a million desserts to cook and show off, projects to work on, and hopefully a trip to either Mexico or an old Mission in the area. Kelli, from AfricanKelli, posted a week or so ago about a beautiful old mission founded by a Spanish missionary in the 1700's I think, which is only an hour or two away. In all my time living there, I never went to anything like that. Kelli has a great site, she is doing a public health week, which is full of great info, simple but important things. We also have 25,000 quilt shops to visit. It's gonna be close but I think we can get to all of them! I think I should try to visit one Mexican restaurant for every quilt shop as well. Seems only right. Oh man, sometimes I crack myself up.
I did manage to finish something tonight, though I dragged it out a lot longer than the promised 1 hour. I take the blame for that though. My bag! I did it! I used the wonderful tutorial from Jodie at RicRac. It could easily be done in an hour too, if you don't live a turtles life like me. I still have to get some buttons (or make some) to match for the sides but otherwise she is good to go. I used fabrics I had (about 1 yard I think), some low loft cotton batting, and a magnetic button. Curly Pops has made a few as well. You could really do anything you wanted with them, embellish away. Without further ado...
I'll show you again when I get the buttons and hopefully some sunshine!

I have one quick question before I go. Thank you so much Robin for your answers to my previous questions. Things are much clearer in my mind. Ok, I have a 25$ gift card to Barnes and Noble and I want a good quilt book. I don't have any yet so am looking for a good one beginner to a little less beginner. I have no idea where to start so please help! Thanks for bearing with me on this one. Hopefully I will be back to my semi-normal self very soon. Love Stacy


CurlyPops said...

I love your new bag. It's gorgeous - great fabric combo by the way!

ELIN - "The quilt maiden" said...

Thank you for your nice comments! Your new bag is wonderful!

Jacquie said...

My very first book and my favorite still is Quilts, Quilts, Quilts by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes. It has such great basic techniques plus quilt patterns from beginner to advance. It's the basic techniques that are the foundation for any quilter that I love.

Bunny said...

Great Bag! That fabric is pretty. I have a purse making weakness. Since you gave The link to the tutorial, I am feeling the urge to make a bag.

BigCat said...

So sorry to hear that you haven't been well Stacy. I started an e-mail to you the other day and didn't get around to sending it. I was thinking of you though.

When I feel bereft of energy and capacity I use it as a good opportunity to peruse craft books and magazines. That way I feel like I am still being creative even in the down times.

I think your bag looks wonderful. I saw Curly Pops and now yours and definitely will have a go at making one I think.

Keep mending yourself. I'm looking forward to reading about your trip home.

tipper said...

Love the bag. So lovely I wish I had one! Sorry you have been feeling tired and yucky. Glad you're looking forward to your trip-maybe thats what you need to get sorted out.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

The bag is darling. I love red velvet cake. And tulips. Darling things. I hope you are more perky soon.

Kenningtons said...

CUTE purse!! And the cake looks super yummy. Your hubby sounds like wonderful man. You are a very lucky girl to have him!

LoriT said...

Not only do I know what the mystery treat is, but I can confirm that they are divine.

So sorry that you haven't been feeling well. Happy thoughts and prayers for your continued recovery will continue from me to you.

p.s. The more I read your blog, the eerier (word?) our commonalities become.

Take care!
Lori T.