Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On my way...

I think I am ready. My list is all marked off and my bags are packed. I had some minor setbacks/mistakes with my meds but nothing I can do now. Hubs will just have to mail them. I have one entire duffel bag full of fabric, quilt books, projects etc. I know most of you are used to that(wink wink) but it is a first time for me. Kind of fun though. Mumsy and I have a lot to do!
I heard tale of this amazing cactus that my aunt has, the night blooming cactus, that has flowers on it right now. I am hoping to get over to see it while it is still blooming since I never have. Mumsy says it is the most beautiful flower she has ever seen, and that's saying something! And the jasmine wall my parents have just came into bloom. So as soon as I load up on allergy medicine I can leave the shelter of the house and go look at it(ha, it is so pretty but man does it make my head blow up!).
I am a little behind on my Baby Jane, getting sick really stalled me, but I have them all prepped for appliqué if they need it and the others cut up as well. I will catch up! There are some amazing blocks being made in our group. If you haven't checked out the Baby Jane Flickr group yet, you should pop on over. Some beautiful fabrics and colors as well.
I better get to bed so I will leave you with a the rest of those cat quilts from the other day! I think I like the last one best but it's a hard choice. See you all in Arizona.
Oops, thats my crazy cat. Sorry.


BigCat said...

I love that last quilt. It's so quirky.

I can't believe I missed your birthday. Happy, happy, happy belated birthday.

I hope you have a wonderful time in AZ. I've only ever been to the airport in Pheonix but would love to see more of it. I hope you plan on posting lots of pics.

Tipper said...

I hope you have a super trip! The cat quilts are too cute. I'm glad you made a new friend-thats always something to be happy about. I hope you take pictures of the flower your Aunt has-I'd love to see it.

Rhonda said...

Ohhh... those cats quilts are great! I like the last one too and that "crazy" cat! ;o)
Thank you for stopping by my blog and the compliments.

Maureen said...

I like the 2nd one - in black - since that's like my Siamese in shadow.

Have a great trip - we'll be out there in August.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Darling cats. Love them. I am baby jane discouraged right now. Oh well. Hope you are having fun.

calamitykim said...

have fun!