Thursday, April 3, 2008

Random Neon

For some reason I am having a hard time getting myself to post today. I think I have been trying to post only when I have a lot of good stuff to show so if I have a couple dreary days I think it's not worth saying anything. My mind is always rambling with thoughts though, so posting could help me sort them and get them out. Soooo, I haven't felt up to par the last 2 days. Not mental wise, just physically. I take a lot of medicine just so I can function which is good but now and then the side affects can wear me out and take away my stamina.
The husband went shopping today. I usually do all the food shopping but he felt he wanted to get out. Amazing. I am always nervous what he will come home with lol. Usually it involves a ton of sugary, powdered drink mixes. Today was no exception (the extra large strawberry quick mix and koolade) but otherwise he executed the list perfectly. He even did exactly what I would when there was a question. Amazing again! I eat a lot of nutra-grain bars and Kellogg's bars. They are easy on my stomach and when I don't feel like eating but I need to they are a good option to tide me over. Well, apparently Target and the grocery store were having a sale, and he didn't want me to run out. Check this out! It's insane. He must have had 3 bags full. Let's just say I have no excuses. There are 2 large packs of Pop Tarts in there as well. (Ok, I just realized I accidentally erased the nutragrain years supply! Doh. I will take more tomarrow. Instead, You get Queen Bertha pausing while feasting. Sorry, I know you really wanted to see that.)

Then...he got me flowers :). I think they were as much for him as for me...but who's keeping track? I haven't been allowed access to Photoshop yet (just a lesser application until I am ready apparently, hmmmm), but I have been playing around on that until I am granted an upgrade. Anytime sweetie! I love messing around with the light and hue. Its amazing what happens. I don't even know how to fix my banner yet so you know this is exciting for me. He he.
I was tagged on Monday by that lovely rascal Jen at Sew and Sox. I have been thinking of what to say and who to tag when just this second I saw I had another post. It was Cathy from Big Cat's Emporium, tagging me again! Whats bad is she was one of the few people I thought I could tag! Dang! So since both are basically the same, post 6 or 7 random things about yourself, I will round it to 10. How about 5 today and 5 tomorrow. Thank you both for thinking of me though! I will post the rules tomorrow when I finish.

10 Random Things about Stacy part 1

1. I love to eat in bed while I am going to sleep. As you can imagine, this has caused some problems, especially while I was in my chocolate stage. I would fall asleep and wake up with Milky Way covering me and the bed. I only allow myself snack bars now, but now and again I still wake up covered in crumbs. It is something I am working on!

2. I have a difficult time watching movies with a lot of suspense and sudden movements. Actually I should clarify that by saying others have a hard time watching them around me. I scream bloody murder every time something sudden happens. I mean those blood curdling screams that make your spine tingle. It is my ntural response (It might also be wise not to sneak up behind me). Even suspenseful music will do it. I have scared people with my screams more than the movie and had people banging on our walls because I woke them up! What can I say, the movie does its job on me, he he.

3. I am a bit of a Tolkien fanatic. I consider the books to be a valid mythology for our times. Really I just love them. For Christmas hubby got me a true to size and likeness replica of Frodo's (well Bilbo's first) sword Sting! I am serious! When I opened it, I heard my SIL's boyfriend whisper "should we be giving her sharp things"! OMG! But it is amazing. If you look behind the flowers you can see it in it's sheath. I will unveil it in all its glory another day!
Ok, I think I will stick with 3 tonight, I know this is getting long. Don't worry, I will be sharing more randomness tomorrow, with a new Dear Jane block I hope!. Sweet Dreams.


Jacquie said...

Thanks for sharing. Love those Kellogs bars. We can't keep enough of them in the house. Have a great day!

Blondie said...

My husband has been doing the shopping for about a month. He thinks he can do it better, buy healthier, and spend less money. I don't mind, really, b/c who wants to take 3 kids to the grocery store?

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You are really funny. Such fun things to know about you. haha, still laughing about the eating in bed thngie

Tessa said...

Oh My Gosh... I am rather sure that we both posted about our tolkien obsession without knowledge from each other on the same day. This is oddly disturbing and beautiful at the same time... we must be sisters!

Sarah said...

I love reading your blog! You are one amazing woman, I hope you know. It is fun to learn more about you and I always knew I loved you--then you said you were a Tolkien fanatic and I realized I love you even more! You and Tessa made my day. :-) Totally jealous that you have Sting!

tipper said...

What a great post! I actually close my eyes or put my hands over my face when parts of a movie get to scary. I hope you feel all sorted out soon!