Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tomorrow is tomorrow is tomorrow

I hope everyone knows that when I say I will post something "tomorrow", I mean sometime after today! I did promise pictures and more randomness about myself didn't I? Thanks to all who posted and responded to my first segment. Since then, I caught up on my Baby Jane homework, received some goodies in the mail, and sat contemplating not only the meaning of life but how to begin my art swap pieces. I know what I want to do but am not sure how to start. I think I should try the technique on some scraps first so I don't mess up my good materials. I am excited though. I also need to finish up the bag I started last week. I got stuck on the top stitching. I had to rip it out 3 times (black thread on black fabric) before I gave up. It could have something to do with it being 3am and me being exhausted. Maybe some better light and rest is what that situation call for!

First order of business...
Can anyone guess what this is? Anyone? Amanda, how bout you?
It is a red velvet whoopie pie of course!
And what, you ask, could warrant such a treat? My gift certificate package from the Fat Quarter Shop arrived! Whoopie! Since it came from Amanda, and she loves cake like me, I had to save this one for the big opening. You ready? I decided to go out on a limb and get myself something other than 30's repro's for my Baby Jane. I have fallen in love with 2 new fabric lines. Oh yes, you ladies have turned me. I can now speak "fabric". It is a tricky language at the start but you catch on very quickly! My first new love...
You got it! Posh from Moda. I was drawn in by the colors, like entering a candy coated dream. I went for the charm pack and 2 1/2 yard cuts. There are so many things I could make with these. I think an apron for myself may be due soon though, since I don't actually have one. Oh before we continue, We better dig in to Amanda's whoopie pie! We want her to have as much happiness with her mouth as with her eyes. How is it Amanda? That cream cheese filling does look tasty.So on my way to sink my teeth into the Posh collection I was taken on a detour by some inticing colors and shapes; Daydream also from Moda. It drew me in. It looks like what it says, a daydream! After much lusting, I settled on 2 more 1/2 yards. They are in a few of my favorite colors and would look great in any room in the house! The last charm pack is a flannel version of Monkeyin' Around! At some point during the holiday shopping fairs and bazaars I went to I acquired 1 yard of a flannel from that collection. Of course I didn't know about any collection at the time, I just thought it was cute. So for 4.99$ I got the charms for the whole set and am now baby quilt ready when ever the occasion may call! My sincerest thanks to you again Amanda for this wonderful gift. I will love these fabrics for many years to come.
Now for the nutragrain stash, though I have taken a few off the top since the shipment arrived! He's always looking out for me. No more hungry excuses.

On to ....
Random things About Stacy Part 2

4. I have moved over 30 times in my life, about 20 before I was14. It wasn't always far away but many times it was to a new state or country I had never been before. We lived in the Dominican Republic when I was 4-5 while my dad went to medical school. We were there for most of what would have been kindergarten for me so my cousin and I were tutored by a fellow American women. For the last couple of months of that year we moved to Wyoming where the teachers took my parents aside and told them they thought I had a learning disability because my vocabulary level was very low. When my dad asked what kind of things they asked they said things like cowboy, horse, corral, prairie etc. Things every good WY kid should know. He laughed and explained to them that not only had I spent the last 2 years in the tropics, but I was at no shortage for words. I could easily tell them pineapple, tarantula, eel, and crab, just not things a cowboy did. That always cracked me up.

5. My feet have to be cool and sticking out of the covers at night while I sleep. In the day they are freezing and I wear 2 socks and wool slippers, but if my feet are hot at night I can't sleep. What's more strange is that if I take a nap in the day time, the socks stay on! I have a pair of those heatable slippers but now I need to invent some cold slippers. Some sort of ice pack booties would be nice, just for the night though!

6. I LOVE Vespa scooters! I first saw them about 11 years ago when I moved to Phoenix after high school. I hung around a bunch of guys who all had one. They were the coolest, most beautiful things I had ever seen. Because I moved so much though, and was going through a tough time I never got one. Now the price for the old ones has trippled. Every time I see one though, my heart skips a beat. My brother got one and didn't tell me for 6 months because he was afraid I would be mad. I was! How could he get one before me? I got over it when he let me drive it though. I do have a small collection of models that I keep right by my desk. My husband says I can't get one while we live in Boston because I would die! He is probably right So for now I just dream of the wind in my face, puttering along some mountain cliff overlooking the ocean. Kind of a James Bond on a scooter type scene. I can't wait.

Ok that is six and I believe I promised ten so there will be one more installment coming soon. Before I go I have two quick quilting questions. 1. What is the dealio with the gloves you all buy. Are those for machine quilting? What is their purpose? 2. Does anyone know where I can get the lowdown on interfacing? I notice most of you use a kind with paper on the back. When I went to buy some at the fabric store there was no paper on the back, for the one sided or the double. Is there a special kind to use for quilting and crafts? I am confused and I think it would open some creative doors if I could get the interfacing drama cleared up once and for all! Thanks everyone. Don't let the bed bugs bite! Seriously, they are the most horrible things in the world, oh no, now I am going to have nightmares about them. Uhhhh.


Amanda said...

Mmmmmmmmmm. The whoopie pie looks soooo good! Thanks! I'll have to share the pumpkin whoopie pies that I make. They're delecious, too!

I'm glad you have had so much fun with your gift certificate. I didn't realize you were a beginner quilter until I read one of your previous posts. You did a good job choosing some great fabrics. Yes, you do need to make yourself an apron since you like to bake! :)

Your story about your teachers thinking you had a vocabulary problem reminds me of my son. In first grade he had major problems with his teeth, so the orthodontist equipped his mouth with a palatal expander. This helped get his mouth ready for his many years of braces. Anyway, in second grade his teacher sent him to the school speech therapist. Wade didn't know what they were doing, and no one called me, so I didn't know either. After a speech therapy session they determined that he had some sort of speech problem. He looked at them funny, opened his mouth and showed them his palatal expander. He said, with a slight lispe, "This is why I talk funny!"
Is that funny or what?!

tipper said...

I love reading peoples random things about themselves-it is so interesting to see what other people do or think or like. One of my girls is like you about her feet she says "they have to be able to breathe at night" so she sticks them out of the covers too.

RobinE said...

Your post made me smile. :) And that red velvet whoopie pie looks yummy! As for the quilty questions...

Gloves. The gloves that machine quilters sometimes use are designed with rubber (or maybe vinyl) either on the palms and/or the fingertips so as to help make moving the quilt easier when machine quilting. The rubber tips offer a "grip" on the quilt top (you know when you wash your hands, or have been touching a lot of fabric and your hands get really dry, and everything just seems to slide about? The gloves help.)(Particularly on bigger projects, where the weight of the quilt is working against you too.)

Interfacing-- I don't know of any paper-backed interfacings. The stuff that I've seen that is paper-backed is fusible web-- which is often used by quilters/crafters for applique.

Hope that helps a little!

BigCat said...

I had forgotten about Moda fabrics which I discovered some time ago. Thanks for the reminder. I love them.

You also inspired me with your talk of aprons. I have been trying to think of something to make for my sister-in-law for her birthday in May and an apron will be just perfect because she loves to cook.

I think I will follow your lead and make her a Moda apron. I saw a great design in the recent Studios special issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. They did lots of fancy collage work on it but the pattern on its own is really pretty and frilly. Have a look if you get a chance.

I am totally enjoying your random things and always love checking in with your blog.

Talk soon.

Sandra said...

I just don't know how you can say that you don't own an apron, I think I made one for you a few years ago with about a 100 yards of ruffle, maybe it can't really be considered an apron, curtains perhaps. I have been seeing some cute aprons as I go from shop to shop in Utah, I want to make some aprons so we'll have to decide where to start. I too love the random facts about Stacy, and for those of you reading them, she is sticking mostly to the facts, not too much literary license yet!

Angelina said...

I love knowing random things about people too. My favorite are the "100 things" lists.

I have a Vespa and I love it. LOVE IT. It's a lot safer than most people think. I took a motorcycle safety course before I got my license and I'm glad I did. I hope you get one in the near future!