Friday, July 4, 2008

Quiet Celebration

I always knew the military wasn't for me. I am so grateful for those that serve our country in the military but I am also grateful I don't have to serve in that way. I won't say it didn't cross my mind at times but I hate getting yelled at. I really do. I get sick with shame if someone yells at me, even if I did nothing to deserve it. From what I have heard there is a lot of yelling in the military.

Both my grandfathers served in WWII. One got in right at the end so he was in Europe helping to clean things up and what not. My Grandpa Smith however served in Okinawa and was in one of the front waves that attacked Sugar Loaf Hill. He was awarded the Bronze Star for his actions on those pivotal days. The more I learn about that part of the war, in the South Pacific, the more what I have been told about him makes sense. It was a horrible time and very few of those men have ever been able to talk about it let alone come to terms with their experience.

I know those serving in this war are having similar difficult times. Serving in a land and against people of a culture so vastly different than ours. The way they think and act and their beliefs are something very few Americans understand. To be so young and to have to face these bizarre conditions in a hostile manner must be very difficult and I have great appreciation for those serving in this way. Much of the time I just can't understand why war must be. We are all people, wanting to love and protect our families and ourselves. I know sometimes it is necessary but sometimes I think it is caused by the misunderstanding between cultures and it makes me sad. I can only pray that those serving are protected and those in charge lead their soldiers with honor and compassion. These are my thoughts on this day of remembrance. This day of gratitude for the blessing we have as Americans and for those men and women who have risked their lives for these blessings from the birth of our nation until now.

As I mentioned yesterday, we usually are up at the lake during this time. It has been several years since we have been home for the Fourth but we had a nice day. We got up late (at least I did) and took it easy. A few of my neighbors had a big BBQ out back in the courtyard. Because we all share it, we are all invited to any event going on out there. George did the decorating. I have to say, he is quite the domestic. He even had a singing patriotic Teddy Bear.

Here he is setting up a little bad mitten net set up and someone brought a Bocci Ball set, though they had to play it wonky style since the ground is anything but even. I just love all these bright orange Lillies. They really are beautiful.

We went out for a little while and met some new neighbors. I usually talk myself out of joining in, but I have been trying to make an effort. I can't really complain about not knowing anyone when I don't go to things I am invited to. They did have some pretty good cupcakes, though nothing like Nanette's neighbor Laura's I bet. But a cupcake is a cupcake! It was nice to have Doug home an extra day even if we didn't do anything super exciting. Sometimes the quiet days are really the best. I hope you all had a nice holiday and it can continue through the weekend!

A quick side note: Most of you probably are already in the know, but I did want to mentions the Create and Celebrate posts this week over at Sew Mama Sew. There were so many entries they did a second post (there is a link to the first post at the top). I always enjoy this part of their blog, but this one is extra good. Tons of links to tutorials and craftiness from some of my favorite bloggers as well as some great new ones. You won't be disappointed! So go give it a gander already :)

Edit: I forgot to mention that today was day 1 going POO-FREE! I have to say, I am very pleasantly surprised! The baking soda wash felt good and rinsed out well. And the vinegar really acted as a conditioner. It rinsed out completely leaving no vinegar smell and leaving my hair very soft. To start I am going to do it every 3-4 days. After a bit I should only need to use the baking soda once a week and the vinegar every other week. We shall see!


Tipper said...

I am so thankful to those like your grandfathers who served and who serve-so we can be free.

I hope you keep updating us on the shampoo thing. I wonder if it would help my girls-in the summer we always get chlorine buildup from the pool that is impossible to get out. I may get them to try what your doing-couldn't hurt.

Paula said...

A nice quiet holiday is sometimes the best kind!

Our two oldest boys are soldiers and both in Iraq for their 2nd tours right now. Really hard to have them over there, and very mixed feelings on the war itself, but also very very proud of them. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers to keep all of our soldiers safe!

Maureen Reynolds said...

Quiet holidays are nice imho. I think my dh would have liked to do more, but we powerwashed the decks Friday and visited with the grandchicks Saturday. My ds leaves for 45days in various parts of "over THERE". Such mixed mixed emotions but I know none of it is in my hands.

Stacy, two items...the bread is from a mix from the Amish market, their multi grain. I am back in the mood to make bread at home again. which is a good thing.

Also, there are quite a few programs from various drug companies that offer free or very cheap drugs to people in your circumstances. (Those companies KNOW they need good p.r.) I would call your local State senator or delegate (not sure what the State govt is in Mass...) and ask them.

I'll also be anxious to hear how the hair treatments go.

Nanette Merrill said...

First of all I had to laugh - Poo free! haha

Second, thank you for the shout out! Really sweet. I wish you could taste her cupcakes.

What a sweet patriotic post. I think most people get caught up in the bbq mode and forget what it is all about! I love my pic of my dad in his WWII uniform. It makes me smile.

Thanks Stacy.