Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer Whispers

After a few teasing days of sun, the rains returned today bringing waves of intense, cool humidity. Huge humidity changes like that confuse my body and the darkness makes me want to cozy up in a warm blanket. Spring in New England is definitely in full force. For three days I had all the windows open though, giving me a preview of summer living in the city. Suddenly all the city sounds that winter allows me to hide from accompany all my days and nights. The garbage trucks and street sweepers, the 6 am construction, the late night parties and the voices of loud neighbors. Most people are quiet, using regular "inside" voices, even when cooking out with friends, but there are always exceptions. There is one family across the street who seem unable to communicate with each other without yelling. We hear every single thing they say all summer long, oh and they honk honk honk, just in case the yelling didn't get across. Their oldest is just starting to drive, and wants to pop out for "errands" all the time. This causes mom to yell even more. Uhhhh. In a way they kind of fit in to this city life where we all live so close, yet so separate. I do like hearing the birds more and the rain. Plus I just bought a huge box of ear plugs for those nights I need silence to still my racing heart. What sounds do you hear when you open the windows to the summer breeze? The call of birds and barking dogs? Or the business of city life?

Sometimes, as I am catching up on my blogs, trying to bring that huge number of unread posts down to a comfortable range, I comment on those that are easiest first. A finished quilt or quilt block, a package of goodies, a great recipe etc. But the ones that I really want to spend time on, that have touched me deeper in some way, I leave til last. I want to think about what I say, let them know how they have made me think and feel. By the time I get to where I can do that, another post takes it's place and then another. And I am left as a silent lurker, with too many thoughts running through my head to express them properly. Does anyone else have this problem? It is the same with posting as well. I want it to sound just right, have all the right photos and have enough creative progress to show I am actually doing something. Then time passes. Things I was going to write about become irrelevant. It is something I need to work on. Being ok with just writing a little when I have only a little to say.

Instead of procrastinating any longer, I thought I would share with you a few of the blogs that have really touched and inspired me lately. The first is Amber from Berlin's Whimsy. She takes the most beautiful pictures. She is a single mom dealing with some of life's battles at the moment, while also trying to maintain beauty and balance. She spins, knits and embroiders beautifully.
This is her picture of one of her recent creations. She has also inspired me to be creative with my husbands lunches, making healthier meals and packing it in fun containers instead of a million plastic bags. Check out her Bento box lunch gallery and her Etsy shop. Her space always brightens my day. Thank you for your courage and inspiration Amber.

Next is Floresita from Feeling stitchy, and her personal blog, Things I've Made. She does the cutest embroidery and is always sharing from her collection of vintage embroidery patterns. A few months ago she did a series on starting a crafty blog that was really great, and helped me out immensely. It is called Crafty Blog School and is great for everyone with craft blogs, especially newbies. She has written some great posts in the last week, with beautiful images and creations. This one about craft blogging compared to other types really resounded with me, as I have thought about that a lot. Before I found crafty blogs, I would never ever have attempted to have one myself. I have enough things in my life that focus primarily on feelings and people, like therapy for example. Craft blogs focus on creativity and the sharing of ideas, friendship and support. This is a place where I can escape the negative parts of my life and focus on beauty and sewing and creating. You have to see the embroideries she did this week. They really are so sweet they make my teeth hurt. Plus she did a pillowcase for her sister out of the same pattern that I did my first ever embroidery (for my sister as well, for her wedding). This is the one I did, the picture is tiny though. Sorry for that. I actually made 4 of these. Both our sisters got married the same month. I used vintage repro fabrics. The first one was a little sketchy, but I was a lazy daisy pro by the last one. This is Floresita's. I adore her colors and the added bits on the seam. She uploaded this and the dancing lady to her flickr account which is here. You will be able to spend hours gazing at her perfect stitches and imaginative creations. Thank you so much girl, for bringing such beauty into my life. And I have been listening to your mix for days on end. I think it is good I don't know what they are saying, or I would be balling too. The music is lovely anyway.

I know there are more but these are the two that have been in my mind. Do yourself a favor and check them out. I have some things finished as well but my indoor shots are awful. It looks like we may get some sun tomorrow though, and maybe I can make it to the square to the post office. Thanks for sticking out my sharing time today. Have a great day everyone with lots of sunshine, real or imagined.


Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

We have great sounds here at night. In the winter, we've had great horned owls so close to the house that their hooting wakes us up. Their call is so deep that if they're in the trees next to the house, the windows actually vibrate! Love that. We can always count on bug chirps, squeaking tree frogs and ribbit-ing bullfrogs. And more often than I'd like, we have howling coyotes, which is why my kitties live inside now. Have a wonderful day, Stacy!

Jacquie said...

Thanks for all the inspiration. I love finding new crafters and wonderful blogs to read! I struggle over balancing time online and with my blog as opposed to time for sewing. I try to "blog without obligation", but it's hard sometimes when people ask for things or when I get absorbed in someone else's writing.

Tipper said...

I wish you could send some of your rain down south-we need it.

When I open my window-I'm lucky to mostly hear birds, bugs, cows in the distance and children playing.

Thank you for the tips on the blogs. My girls have just learned to embroidery I bet they would like some of her designs.

Berlinswhimsy said...

You're so sweet---thank you for your kindness. I, too, love everything Floresita does! She is an inspiration...

RobinE said...

At night here, usually we hear the creek behind the house babbling away, the song of the windchimes, and the soft drone of cars driving along the street.

Your commentary on commenting really resonates with me. I'm like you-- on the posts that really strike a chord with me, I tend to want to think about what the "perfect" thing to say is, and (more often than not) usually end up not commenting at all. Sigh. Heck, I almost did that with this post! It's nice to know that I'm not alone in that respect. :)

I've recently been trying to come out of my lurker shell, but it's been a slow process.

And thank you for all of the wonderful comments you leave for me at my blog. :)