Thursday, May 8, 2008

Home Again Dear Jane

Hello Boston! After 2 weeks of warm cloudless skies I am back to the endless forecast of rain and 90% humidity. I always have been an extremist! Though I checked in now and then, I have mostly been internet free, spending most of my time sitting out in my moms own private flower garden and apiary, listening to what nature has to say. Those birds were talking up a storm, and at one point I thought I actually understood them. Maybe that is the beauty of nature.

I have tons of pictures and happenings but I want to get my Dear Baby Jane blocks out there before I forget. I am still behind but have all but 2 (including today) prepped. I got a lot of the world series one done on the plane last night, so once I do the reversed appliquéd that will be done as well. Woo hoo. I did add a lot to my quilt stash while quilt shop and fabric store hopping with my mom. I could almost do a swap now. Maybe in a few months I can find one of the other 30's repro ladies to do that with me. We will all probably be wanting some fresh fabric faces by then. Ok Stacy, quit yer stallin'! I am really happy with all 3 of these. I love the fabrics and my appliqué is improving with each stitch.

B-8: Water Lily

The center is a tiny bit askew but looks a lot better with the magic touch of the iron. This machine pieced with appliquéd melons. Sorry about the weird pic, not sure why it looks funny. I am back to using the flash though so that could be it.

B-12: Starflower

This may be my favorite in terms of looks so far. I think the fabric looks great, and it was fun to do as well. This is reverse appliqué. Does anyone else notice the optical illusion in the picture? Weird huh?

B-2: Sweet Tater Pie

I did this one exactly as Anina suggested. It is machine pieced and appliquéd. Once I got the foundation pinwheel blocks made, I had a great time with the appliqué. Maybe I just love appliqué.

It is good to be back though I had a wonderful time with mumsy and the fam. And thank you all for your lovely comments about the clock I made for the art swap. I was really nervous and you helped calm my fears. It is now somewhere between here and Australia. I only hope it makes it safe! I can now wait with anticipation for the fabulous piece I am receiving from Cathy at Big Cat's Emporium. Cant wait!


Joanna said...

Welcome home! It's your resident stalker here lol!

Yes the grey cloudy skies are just so welcoming aren't they? At least you know you must be in Boston. We had some glorious weather earlier this week and now - yuck.

So I am very VERY impressed with your applique! Looks nice and smooth - you're a pro!

Thought you'd like to know that Sofia and I used the fat quarter you bought her! We made a purse just like yours and mine. She couldn't think of anything else she'd rather make! She wore it to church on Sunday and stashed 3 $1 notes, a church music CD and 2 bottles of my perfume (I know, very random!) in it. I need to take pics and blog about it. So look out for that soon!

Anina said...

Pretty, pretty!
Welcome back and thanks for sharing those blocks.

Tipper said...

Glad you had a good time! Your blocks look great I think the first one is my favorite-but they are all amazing!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I didn't do last weeks blocks yet. I need to take a class on foundation piecing or something. I don't want my quilt to look awful.

BigCat said...

I can't wait for your package to arrive either. I wonder when it will get there.

Your patchwork is looking fantastic by the way.