Friday, May 16, 2008


Remember my birthday a few weeks ago? How Doug wasn't feeling well so I was left to my own devices? Well, as a little pressie to myself, I started poking around eBay. I decided I needed to get an old crewel kit. Crewel uses a lot of stitches I would like to learn, better for embellishing and what not. As I was bidding on some crewel, I remembered a post on this awesome new site, True Up. It is about all things fabric. She gave a few tips for finding good fabric deals on eBay, using different search words etc. Sooo I tried a few out and next thing you know I'm an eBay bidding fool. Thank goodness it was my birthday or I may have gotten some scornful looks. I was mostly looking for yardage, since I didn't really have any. I think I made out well. I got 4 pieces of fabric 3 yards or more, a package of scraps (with some yard pieces) and a cute little crewel owl. Two of the larger pieces are vintage, nice bold designs and my big score...4+ yards of red with white polkadots from Andover for 8$ (plus shipping). All the packages came while I was gone and I think Doug about died but hey I got 14 + yards of fabric plus some extras for 40$. I better do something with them though if I want more : ). Just look at all that beautiful fabric though. And of course Bertha wants in on the action. When I first started reading crafty blogs, I couldn't help but notice how many cats there were. I thought, man these ladies sure love their cats. Then I started trying to take pictures of things around the house and it all made sense. She was right there trying to sabotage every shot, so eventually you just go with it.

I have been trying so hard to keep up with my dear Jane that I needed a little break, so I did a little sewing for myself, well for the giveaway anyway. Every giveaway needs a little something homemade right? So as soon as they are done, we can get it started. I am thinking Monday so keep your eyes peeled. I also decided to join the summer Flirty Apron Swap. It looked like so much fun...of course now I have to make a patriotic apron lol, but I have some good ideas floating around up there so I think I will be ok. Check out the link to see the gallery from the last swap.

The first Friday I was home was a day off for my dad. He and my mom bought some inflatable kayaks a few years ago, and he really wanted me to go down the river with him. He has tried every time I've been home the last few years to no avail. But, all I would have to do is sit there and lean when he said lean. Years ago I would have jumped at the chance but these days, that is usually something I avoid. I could tell it was important to him though so I got up, got my suit and sun screen on and off we went.
Now the Gila river is seasonal. Late summer til fall, it basically doesn't exist and is just a dry river bed. But in early spring the snow on the mountains melts and creates a full and forceful river. It had gone down quite a bit when we got there but was still high enough to maneuver. Unfortunately we didn't dare take our camera, but it was stunning. Everything was so peaceful. My dad showed me how to "read" the river so you know where to go to avoid rocks. And I leaned the right way every time, so we didn't tip over.
An amazing thing, was that all the ocotillo (a cactus plant that looks like lots of sticks sticking up out of the ground) were in full bloom. I had never seen this. The tips get this bright orange blooms on the top. It looked like the whole desert had a blanket of orange over it. I was so glad I put myself out there to try something more difficult, and to spend time "reading the river" with my dad. What are some things you all have tried that you were reluctant to do, but ended up loving? Maybe I can give them a shot as well. Have a great night everyone!


Sandra said...

Stacy, I love reading your blog, it makes me smile inside to read your take on things. Your dad did love taking you on the river, and it was very beautiful and peaceful. And the new fabric selection looks great! Thanks for sharing with us!

Jacquie said...

Well you little ebay shopper you! I may need some tips. I haven't been back to True up for awhile. May have to check it out after seeing this haul.

Tipper said...

Oh how I love Ebay! And it is amazing how using different search words works to bring up the deals.

The cactus plant is so beautiful! So exotic looking to me.

My trying a new thing is kinda silly but the other day I was cleaning out one of my flower beds and saw a snake-before I knew what I was doing I grabbed it and took in so my husband could tell me what it was. Of course I knew it wasn't posinous and it was small but still me pick up a snake-weird. My husband was shocked as well and couldn't wait to tell our girls "your Momma caught a snake".

I'm so glad you had a good trip!

LoriT said...

You make me laugh! (In a good way, of course). :)

Perhaps it's because I can totally relate to so much of what you write.

I look forward to seeing what creations you make from your ebay purchase, because knowing you, you really WILL do something with it, and it will turn out DARLING!

Mike said...

Nice score on the fabric! Me and eBay are best friends. I really have to be careful as it's just TOO easy to get carried away. Anxious to see what you create from the yardage. Thanks for post over at my blog.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What fun on the river with your dad. I love Ebay. I've gotten some of my favorite vintage fabric there. You got your self some great stuff there. I always give myself birthday presents. I'm bad that way.

susan said...

that is sweet that you did that for your dad and ended up loving it. i cant think of anything i have done lately like that, so maybe i will look for opportunities. good haul!! is the wee owl vintage? because i am loving him and thinking i would love to have one for myself!!