Thursday, May 22, 2008

This and That

Hello Everyone. Wow, thank you so much for the wonderful response to my giveaway. You still have a few more days. I am loving your movie picks. I seem to be short on movie ideas lately, or more likely not in the mood so I thought some fresh ideas would help spark my interest, and it has. I love looking at all the new sites. I will get to every one and try to comment, but if I miss commenting know that I have probably scoured for hours. In fact I have been so engrossed in all the new blogs that I have forgot to post! I am also four days into that horrible horrible "time of the month". I have lots of thoughts and feelings on that part of a womens life, but I will try to hold it back for your sake. I will just say that in any other human or animal, if they spent a few days losing blood they would be in the hospital being looked after and sent flowers. That's all I'm sayin! And all I feel like wearing is my pajamas, if only I had a stunning silk night gown like these ladies, I would be wearing that
I was going to do my post on my Great Grandma Olsen today but there are a few more pictures I need my mumsy to get for me. So I will just do a little "what I have been up to" post instead.

1. Dear Baby Jane

I have 3 more blocks almost done but I did manage to finally finish B-10, and what a dagger that was! Jane must have had a serious amount of time to kill. That center with like 13 pieces is only about an inch and a half. Wow. Any piecing I have done since has seemed like a breeze.

2. Coasters

Mumsy gave me all her scraps while I was home, many cut into 5" squares, perfect for coasters. I have been playing around so I will be ready to make some for the giveaway, and myself!

3. Leader/Ender squares

I got this idea from Bonnie at Quiltville, that women is one big quilt encyclopedia of ideas! So, when doing any kind of piecing(especially chain piecing) where you have tons of string hanging off every 20 stitches, you get 2 fabric squares and put them in between, so there is always something in the machine. I just cut up all my scraps into squares and matched them randomly, then sew them at 1/4 seam allowance. At first I didn't have them a certain size, but I got some 2 1/2" squares in an e-bay sale which work perfect, so now I am cutting them that size, or close. You should see all the quilts she has made using this method. Once I get enough I will start making 4 patches and figure out a design. I love not wasting thread and making something while actually doing something else!

4. Remembering
That mumsy of mine is full of surprises! She sent me a box today containing old curtains and fabric she had used to hang around windows etc. Tucked inside were a few pieces of fabric that had belonged to me.
This was one of the first pillows I ever made, in 7th grade home-ec I think. I made dozens of pillows. I never got past that level of sewing, but boy did I take advantage of my pillow skills. Apparently I no longer needed this as a pillow because I cut out the corner for some reason, lol. My pillow fondness followed me to high school where I made tons of these little like 6"-8" pillows, with a little potpourri added and gave them to all my friends. I actually took mine around with me to classes and slept on them. I seriously slept through most of high school, and no one ever said a word to me. Maybe because I was asleep! Out of this fabric I made a little pillow for my friend who died. I will never forget it. This will be good to use on mini quilts and for fussy cutting.

One quick change to the giveaway! My brother and sister are coming to visit this weekend and we are taking them up to the lake until Monday night. Soooo, the sign up will be extended to Monday night at midnight. I will pick winners on Tuesday. Make sure you check back then because out of those who leave me a comment on Tuesdays post, another prize or two will be chosen! Thanks again for visiting everyone! Have a great night.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

It is wonderful how old fabric can spark so many memories. My Grandmother recently passed away and I was given all her sewing supplies. She had some remnants of a dress that she made for me when I was 3 (40 years ago!).

Tipper said...

The coasters and block look great.It is neat that your Mom found the fabric-I bet it was like going back in time.

Hope you have a fun visit with your family this weekend.

craftydiane said...

Love the idea about sewing the squares of fabric to keep the chain stitching going and not having a lot of loose threads to cut off! I am going to do that one for sure! I already have a lot of 3-1/2 inch squares that I cut out of scrap pieces of fabric to use in a quilt one day. This will be a perfect way to make a scrappy quilt!