Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Almost 60

Finally, the torrential rains of the morning have stopped and it is 58 degrees! Almost summer. Looks like I may need to get myself out today. I've been really wanting to get out to the quilt shop, get some batting and thread and what not. So I got out this little guy to help us keep spring a'comin. My mum gave him to me last year and I adore him. One of these days I will copy him and send one to everyone i know!

I just noticed that my blogs seem a little wordy. I just getting going and cant stop, he he. I was always the only one that would hand in 10 extra pages on a paper, or ask the teacher if we could extend the page limit. Well I was hoping to get a tiny ray of sunshine to take some no flash pictures but it hasn't happened in days so you'll just have to live with the flash....

I started my very first quilt, mini quilt actually. Since my rotary cutter, mat and rulers have all arrived, I had no excuses except my own fear keeping me back. So I cued up the fantastic tutorials at The Purl Bee (the best tutorial for beginners collection) and got all the squares cut out then formed without losing a finger. Here is what I came up with.
I'd like to be more fancy but you cant get to that stage without going through this one...i think I am okay with that. Now I can advance to the piecing tutorial. Hopefully by then I will have gotten to the quilt store for some decent batting...YAY. This is actually a big step for me. I get real bad anxiety about things sometimes, especially things I want to do. I have been working really hard on getting through that but it still can keep me at a stand still for a while. This here blog has helped a lot.

The husband surprised me these wonderful prints from The Black Apple for Christmas. We finally got them framed, hanged and photo'd. These two reminded him the most of me but I love all her stuff. She is sooo talented and original. She gets new stuff all the time too so it gives me an excuse to spend even more time hangin there! She makes these adorable dolls too, all by hand. They sell out so fast it is hard to catch them but I will...mark my words! I'm not too old old to play with dolls!

So I have spoken a little about my crazy littlest sister (who's name I will now use) Tessa. She was only about 6 when I left home almost 12 years ago. So in my mind she stayed that cute little lispy girl, until one day I went home and there was this wicked smart, beautiful young woman living with my parents. Where did Tessa go? I looked in her room, under the couch, everywhere. This stranger kept insisting it was her but how could this be? She had grown up right before my eyes. Everyone said she reminded them of me, her jokes, her mannerisms, everything but her blond hair and large bust in fact! Well I am so glad I copped on and stopped looking for that little girl I had in my mind because she is one of the coolest people in the world. So it is no surprise that like me, she decided to start her own blogland. She loves to paint and has done some really nice ones. Her blog is called Make like a Tree and Leaf. You can see her first few posts and paintings there. If you really like them, I know she custom paints for those around her, why not you. Anyway, check her out, leave a little note. I know she will love it! The husband says he can take me to the quilt store if we go right now, so not a second to lose. I must go enjoy this 57 degrees before it disappears.


Tamar said...

Hi Stacy, I'm here via Feeling Stitchy and so glad I found your blog! I'm another one who would hand in 10 extra pages and now has a wordy blog, so obviously I don't mind. I think your first quilt looks fantastic - I love that apple fabric. Isn't Purl Bee the best? Their store is very down-to-earth for a Soho establishment, if you ever have the chance to visit in person. I have still to bind my first quilt (yikes!) so I'm looking forward to seeing how you do it.

Jen said...

Hi Stacy, I saw your post over on the Dear Baby Jane blog. We've only done one square...and it was a pretty easy I'm sure you can catch up in no time.

Cute blog!