Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Today was Stacy's big day! I got so many goodies, and my surprise package from Upsate Lisa arrived...woohoo. I have been working really hard on little things and learning new craft/quilting skills. This weeks Dear Jane block is a little tougher than they have been. It requires sewing a circle (in pieces) onto corners. I have it mostly done, but not quite so I will wait to show it until its done. I am learning so many things with this quilt, and its only the 7th block!
So, as I mentioned, the giveaway I won from UpStateLisa arrived today. She had been making those adorable easter/spring baskets, and now 2 are mine. YAY They are so cute. My husband loves them and has already found them a new home. I also got a beautiful spring fat quarter (the fabric the baskets are sitting on). I also added the eggs myself (Easter candy 50% off sale!). Thank you so much Lisa, I adore them.

Another little surprise in my bloggy life came in an email last night from Amanda at Busy Little Quilter! I won her 1 year bloggy birthday giveaway for a 25$ gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop! How great is that. Unlike many of you who are trying to use your stash, I am trying to build a stash. Amanda is such a neat woman. She "says" she's a grandma, but look at her. She doesn't look a day over 35! She makes some beautiful things as well. We also have a common love for CAKE! We really love red velvet cake. Maybe someday we can make and eat one together. Thank you so much Amanda!
My treats today didn't stop there. As my wonderful husband promised, I was finally able to go to the sewing machine store today and get me some new feet! No not 2 cold feet, I already have those, but 2 sewing feet. I got a walking foot and a darning foot. I am sew excited, I can start machine quilting now. I also got a bias tape maker and the tiniest needles in the world. Check out my goods. I love them.
On our way back to the car we passed this great used book store that sells old mostly non fiction information books (they have a little section for fiction lol). Well they are changing locations so everything in the store was 1/2 off. The husband went crazy of course. We both have a bit of a book collecting problem, I must admit. But I did find a couple little beauties.

Of course we grabbed some lunch on the way back too. I wish I had all night to play with my new feet, but alas, my night embroidery class starts tonight and I still need to get a few things. Their first project is to embroider a pin cushion. I read somewhere that you could stuff them with fabric scraps to make them sturdier. So, I started collecting the stuff that is too small for the scrap pile. I made this little guy, stuffed with the fabric and it works great! Maybe if I teach them quickly I can come home to my feet early lol. Thank you so much all those who have been leaving comments and sending emails. I am having a great time getting to know you all and each comment is treasured. I am working out a giveaway of my own to pay back all the good karma I've been getting. I should have a mini machine quilted quilt to show you soon! Till then....


Sandra said...

Wow Stacy, you did score, those baskets are so cute! Actually the hot dog looks really good right now, if we could only get the apparating thing down you could send me one. Can't wait to see how things go with the new feet, I better get going myself, you're flying past me!

Jacquie said... about good Karma and feet to boot. What a great day!

Amanda said...

You are going to have so much fun with your new feet! Machine quilting takes practice, but it's worth it. Pat Sloan has a wonderful machine quilting book that teaches you all the basics, plus some techniques. I think she has a webcast on how to machine quilt, too. She is at

Thanks for the nice compliments. I think my camera and anti gravity shots probably do wonders for me.
My hair dresser does wonders, too!

I would love to eat cake with you some time. You'll have to try my Italian Cream Cake that I have posted on my blog. It's quick, easy, and tastes great. I think it's on my sidebar under Recipes.

tipper said...

Everyone needs a day like that! Love all the vintage things you have been showing.

Vickie said...

Those are wonderful baskets! Great colors, too! Yay for your to new feet! Glad you had such a wonderful day!

CurlyPops said...

Collecting the scraps for stuffing is such a great idea. I've just been putting them in the bin. Thanks for the great tip, I'm going to start collecting right now!

Mike said...

You'll like the walking foot. It makes quilting or sewing any three layers of fabric together MUCH easier than trying to do it 'manually' with your hands. It's amazing.

Great-looking pin cushion too.

Have fun!

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

I was just wondering what to do with some scraps - stuffing! that's a good idea! Have fun with that bias tape maker. Just got one a while ago and it's pretty great.

upstateLisa said...

Stacy, glad the baskets arrived all ready! and glad that they are finding some uses all ready, too! enjoy!