Sunday, March 9, 2008

Water or no water?

It has been quite the busy weekend. I finished the mini quilt top, and basted it to the back and batting. I think it looks pretty good, but the scariest part is ahead, the hand quilting and binding. Since mumsy and I plan on hand quilting at least one of the 2 quilts were doing when I go home in April, I thought I better get some practice in. Thank goodness I thought ahead, lol, cause it is not something you just jump into perfectly. By the end of one square I was doing tons better though so I have hope.

As I was preparing to do the quilting, I pulled out my special thimble. Well, hello little fella. You ready to get to work? Check this out! My parents went to Alaska last year and got me this. It is a seal skin thimble. Your supposed to wet it on you finger and it will dry to form around it. The main part does fit perfectly now but the little strappy thing is too big and doesn't hold it on tight. Mumsy said she thinks it is just for looks, not to be used. Well what do the Eskimos use to quilt with then? Eh? She is probably right though. Good thing I picked up a generic one just in case.

I have got myself into quite a few projects for the next month before I go home. Then there is Dear Baby Jane!. Learning about this quilt, the woman who made it and the woman who finally diagrammed the quilt into a book so others could make it is very interesting. The whole thing is just incredible. I got my fabrics ordered, 3 charm packs of 30's repro for now. The colors are so bright and fun, which is new for me. I'm usually more of a dreary sort, but I am living on the edge. The book is on its way too so I will be able to get moving and playing show and tell very soon.

The big thing I need to finish the rest of the embroidery squares for big quilt #1. And tonight I finally finished the 3rd one (i do have to finish the added butterfly). Since I started it I started blogging doing a lot more so it took me a bit but it is my fave so far. If there is any sun tomorrow (please let there be sun) then I will try for a better pic but this is it for now.
Here is the last pattern. I got all of them from Now the husband doesn't like the water in the fountain part; he thinks I should just leave that out. But mumsy really likes it. I think it would be fine both ways, but the water does add a different element. What do you think? I am going to leave it til last anyhow so I have time to decide. Let me know if you think it would be better a certain way. I read somewhere today that some people think blogging is over rated. It made me think a bit. Was I involving myself in something thats not all its cracked up to be? The truth is, it is all in your intentions and the use you put to it in your life. For me, it has got me to write for the first time in years. It has motivated me to work on things I was afraid of. Reading others has encouraged and inspired me. It is helping me become better in all aspects of my life. So for me, I would say that it is under rated. I am thankful blogging journal has become a part of my daily adventures. Sweet Dreams Everyone!


Tessa said...

You have such skills. You need to share your skills with me and I shall share my skills with you so together we shall have double the skills! When you come soon to visit we shall commence with the skill sharing! Stacy, thank you so much for helping me become acquainted with the world of blogging it is a very happy world to be apart of. Love you Mucho!!!!

Sarah said...

Stacy! It was so great to hear from you! Your blog is amazing to read. What craftiness you have. I am so jealous. I pretend to be crafty, but alas, I am not. I never thought I would see the day where our two families come together politically. It is a memorable day. :-) Take care!
Love, Sarah