Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ups and Downs

Hello Hello! I finished my second Dear Jane block and Victory! It is D-13, Field of Dreams. Of course they are both about the easiest ones on the whole quilt but it's a good start anyway. Melissa from the group had taken the binding off her book and put each page into a binder. When she finishes a block she just sticks it in that pages pocket. Though my heart broke a little destroying this lovely (signed) book, it will be much easier to use this way. Great idea hun. She did mention though that the blocks were slipping out if the binder was upside down so I just got a little paper clip and clipped it to the page. The clip is small enough that it shouldn't leave and impression. I took a picture to show how it turned out. Now I just need my freezer paper and I'm ready for the appliqué (she says with a silly scared grin on her face). I haven't felt well today , so I didn't go out, but soon, I swear. ( i just ran to store and got my freezer paper and a red velvet cake, that should make me feel better!)It has been cold and rainy all day, which adds to me feeling crappy, but it can't last forever can it? For Christmas Doug and I each got these slippers with rice in them that you can heat up in the microwave. Doug uses his all the time. They are fuzzy pink, it is adorable seein' him walking around in them. I hadn't used mine yet but I am so cold today I pulled em out and presto!, warm tootsies. They even have little pockets that you stick aromatherapy in, soothing. It's funny, in the day, my feet have to be warm or all of me freezes. But at night, if my feet are warm it drives me crazy and I can't sleep. I can be covered from head to ankle in warm blanket but my feet have to stick out. Life's idiosyncrasies, what would we do without them?

So I have decided to try to get a little more involved in church. Nothing crazy, but maybe some service and a few craft groups. When Pam, one of the ladies in charge, found out I embroidered she asked if I would be willing to teach a few people once or twice a month. I'd love to have a few people to stitch with and I know enough and have enough supplies to teach the basics. So we are starting Monday, those ladies work fast! I am going to get a few little starter kits together and bring all my Sublime Stitching patterns. I think it will be really good for me. I have to keep reminding myself that being social is a good thing, lol. I went to the cooking group last night. Most of the ladies there cant cook at all so they are learning very basic things which I already know but the teacher was really good with them. I don't know if I will go to that one all the time. Mostly it was just good for me to get out.
I was going through my wedding photo's today. It has been over a year but I am slow and still don't have them organized. I came across this one. Isn't it crazy. It looks just like the old ones of my great and regular grandparents. Especially how I am not smiling. I think It is pretty cool. Maybe I can get a hold of some of the old ones and put them all together. I was never very feminine. I am really trying to get in touch with the inner woman inside me but it doesn't happen over night. The wedding was a bit of a challenge but I found this amazing dress which made things easier. It fit so well I needed no adjustments. Here is a picture in color so you can see how the dress really looks. Its nice to look at these when I'm feeling crappy. I can see I looked good at least 1 day in my life, he he. They lift my spirits.

I just wanted to mention this site I found through the Dear Jane Group. It is called Lynette Anderson Designs. This woman is amazing. Everything she makes is so cute and unique. Just browse through, you wont be disappointed. Mostly she has this little quilt-along she's doing. It is called Noah's Ark and has 12 blocks to embroider. Each one is different in size and animal. March is the first one so it is easy to jump right in, the pattern is free. Here is the first block, 2 rabbits. Its tiny too, only 2 1/2 inches.

I better see about getting the husband fed. Have a nice evening all!


Anina said...

Yes, Red Velvet Cake should make that applique block go down smoothly. :-)
Your wedding photos are beautiful.

lil said...

Stacy, oh your wedding pics are so cute, you look like a victorian lady

now I'm going to cut my Dear Jane book and put the pages in plastic sheets

Sarah said...


LoriT said...

Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today (! I assume that you found me via the Dear Jane network. :) Gotta luv it! I was going to comment that, based on the name of your blog, your husband should get YOU some ugly, brown socks for Valentine's Day like those that my hubby got me. But I can see that you already have a CUTE, super-deluxe model. NICE!

I enjoy your honest writing style and look forward to working on Dear Jane with you. I just need to STOP sitting at the computer and START sewing my next block.

Take care!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Your dress is adorable. So classic.