Monday, March 17, 2008

Stitching Bonanza

Hello. What a busy few days I have had. I noticed that the more time I spent online and blog surfing, the less time I had to do things to blog about so I tried to take more time for crafts this weekend. Also, I had my first embroidery group today that I swear I was tricked into volunteering to teach. I had to go shopping to get supplies for their little kits, put kits together and plan what we would do. I haven't taught anything for awhile. I am not a pro stitcher but I know the basics and love to do it. I was a bit nervous but the tricksy lady who got me into this was so nice and excited that it was hard to be too scared. Also, I have secretly wanted people to stitch with for so long that inside I was really hoping it would work out. Five ladies came, and it turned out great I think. The 2 hours flew by. W e practiced a few stitches to get started then they each picked a design from my Sublime Stitching collection, and a little 5" square of fabric. Their home work is to finish the pattern and next time (in 2 weeks) we will make them into little pin cushions. It helped me remember when I started. Its so exciting when you get the hang of a new stitch and it looks good.
There is another group of 5-6 women who want to do it but work in the day so I may do a night group too and just alternate weeks. I loved this group though. Why do I always think socializing is scary?
Do you see Pams devious smile? She is the one with the kidlet in her lap...the trickster. They look happy right? Here is the ladies diligently working and picking out designs and colors. Very important stuff! I had a great time. They decided they wanted to come twice a month...woo hoo! I got me some friends. Thanks for a nice day ladies!
So I get home and go to the fridge to get a drink and I see this....
The husband wants to charge me 6$ a soda! Is it a hint? I guess he'll have to pay himself because he gives me all my money...ha ha. Actually he found this stuck inside the snapple box we got, it must have fallen in. I thought it was funny that he put it up in the fridge.
And I have goodies! Here are the vintage cake toppers I got from here. I can't wait to use them. Maybe I'll make cup cakes for our next group.

I worked all weekend, when I could, on Dads Plaids for the Dear Jane quilt. It has turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. You have to make and applique 4 different parts before sewing together. I was having a lot of trouble with the last one last night so I stopped. Maybe I was just too tired. This is only my second applique ever so I shouldn't get down on myself. The block today is a nice easy one so hopefully I can finish these and be caught up by Thursday. It is really fun watching the progress of the others in the group. Very motivating.
The art swap Big Cat's Emporium started has begun. I have a month to create my masterpiece and get it off to Australia. I have a great idea, I just hope I can pull it off. I love the international part of it. Isn't the internet amazing! My women time finally ended so I have lots of hope for this week here at Two Cold Feet...which by the way, are freezing at the moment. I better go warm up my special booties.
Oh, and thanks to everyone that voted in my poll. It is going very strongly towards no water in the bird bath. My eccentric father pointed out that if the wind was blowing the water would hit the little bird in the head so the bird wouldnt even come to the bath. Good point padre. No water it is! Have a great week all!


Tessa said...

I am so happy that your group went so well! I have decided that at this point in our lives we have opposite people problems. You feel you dont socialize enough and I socialize too much! There has got to be a happy medium somewhere right? We will both find it eventually but I see no relief for me at least for a couple years. Not with the Detlor boys moving in and all. Oh well... anyway I am excited about the swap and the class VERY wonderful.

ELIN - "The quilt maiden" said...

Thank you very much for your nice comments on my blog! Whein you're stiching Bonanza, I remember a very old TV serial still going on here in Norway...
I'll follow your DJ blocks! Have a happy Easter! Here it's snowing, last week was spring.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I found dad's plaids to be a tough one, too. Getting my melon points together in the center was a trip. I'm worried about that block.

I know what you mean about social situations, I'm like that too but I always do fine. Its just the anticipation.

The 6.99 is funny. Sounds like something my husband would do, too. Ha

Looks like the class went well. Congrats.

BigCat said...

Your patchwork is looking great. Don't be so hard on yourself. Things don't have to be perfect - it's part of the charm of being handmade - the little quirks and imperfections that get added into the work. Kind of like humans I suppose.

I am glad you are excited about Art Swap. Me too. I am well on the way with my piece. Maybe I will post some little glimpses along the way as a bit of a tease.

I know what you mean about blogging taking up craft time. I have to watch it myself too. I had a fabulous time at Brown Owls the other night and will definitely be investing in some Sublime Stitching patterns and instructions. They look wonderful. Hanging out with crafty girls was fun too. I am with you on the socialising thing. Unlike Tessa - young people hey?!?:)

I never did remember to ask when you visited Australia and where you went.

Amanda said...

I ordered your gift certificate today, so you should get it soon. Fat Quarter Shop is really quick about shipping things.

Pat Sloan ( was talking about how it is important for people to have a passion. She said that if you want others to share your passion, some times you have to go out and teach them. Once you teach them, you have friends that like what you like. That sounds like what you did! I have done that, too. I would rather sew with people than be alone all the time.

I can't believe how much diet cokes are these days! That sounds like something my husband would do, too.

I have made a few Dear Jane blocks, but they ended up being under the presser feet of my toy sewing machines. One of my friends used hers to decorate her Christmas tree. Yours are beautiful!