Monday, March 3, 2008

Beginning Again

Well here it is, Monday again! Time goes by so fast, even while its going slow. Strange...or maybe its me thats strange, lol. I had a busy weekend. I don't go to church that often but I am still on the list so now and again I get calls from nice folks just checking in to see how I'm doing. It must have been Stacy day because I got 3 calls. Wowser. Anyway, They were letting me know that several craft groups had started up and they knew I liked that sort of thing. Its true, I do. So lovely Brenda said if I went to the card making group Sat. night she would come with me. I was feeling brave so said what the hay...lets give it a go. They meet every month, just down the street from me. Each month they have a theme, and each person makes the number of cards for the people there, then at the end of the night each person takes home 1 from every person. Sweet. So I gathered up all my card/scrapping supplies which I seldom use and off we went. Well poor Brenda and I didn't know that each person already had their card designed and ready to make. We had to free lance. I don't have a pic of mine, since everyone took one to be nice but lets just say it is a good example to show people what not to do lol. And...we forgot all about the envelope part of the deal. Oh well, I will be stocked and loaded next month, mark my words! The theme this month was Thank You cards. I now have 6 beautiful cards...and 1 freakish one (mine, ha).

Aren't they good? I think this one is my fave.

I just love the 2 papers, they remind me of a great fabric combo. So now I just need people to thank. I do love pressies, so in exchange for little surprises I will give you one of these cards. :) Joking Joking.
I was a good time though. I seem to work myself up about social activities, thinking I'll just look silly or wont feel good enough. Once I get there though I do have a great time. They also have a knitting group they do for charity and a cooking group. Hmmm. Maybe I could become a socialite after all.

So friday, the husband and I get this huge package in the mail. I had no idea where it came from until I remembered that the littlest sister said she had finally ordered our Christmas present, but wished she could be here to see our faces when we opened it. This of course made me open it with caution and intrigue. Well, I wish I had heeded her words and had my camera ready to capture our looks of confuzzlement and amusement. We had no idea what it was..none. It seemed to be bowl like and very fragile, but like no bowl we had ever seen. I grabbed the card and discovered it was indeed a bowl...made out of paper thin slices of POTATO! Yes you heard right, a purple potato slice bowl. When we first saw it , it was night. We really wanted to like it, for her sake but I must say that was difficult. The next day however, when the light shone through, it was almost pretty.
The problem is that it came cracked, with little pieces broken off. It is so fragile that it would be hard to put anything in it, they suggest, potpourri lol. Apparently what she really wanted was shock value. The potato holds a special significance in my family. My dad grew up in Southern Idaho and worked in the potato fields growing up. I was born in Idaho also, so she thought that not only was it one of the weirdest things she had ever seen, but that I would appreciate the potato factor. I have to credit her imagination. This is where she found it, they also have one in papaya. The ones on the site look beautiful, not that this isn't but it is cracked all down the middle and bottom so it will have to go back. She said to pick something we really want (it is a really cool site), so we haven't decided if we will get another one or not. It is growing on me, but the husband is still a little weirded out, he having no special potato bond in his life, besides eating them when I cook them, lol. So thats the story with that.

I was getting a little down about the blog, knowing it was time to post, but not knowing what to say exactly. Then I received a few wonderful comments and my spirits were lifted! I really want to get going on a mini practice quilt. I am waiting on a call from the old Dr. though so I can go to the fabric store, then wash all the fabric together. Hurry Dr. Hurry. I think their lunches take way too long! Before I go for now, I wanted to tell you about this awesome blogzine I happened upon. Its called "The Olde Prairie Register", and is all about primitive arts and crafts. I really enjoy it, and since it is their first one they have loads of cool give aways. You should check them out. Now I need to have "leave comment time" but if I get started on a quilt, I will post again. Thanks for all the lovely comments! I leave you with a bad picture of the awesome superhero Lego magnets I got the husband for his birthday, and little bit of the cat poetry magnets he also got. Have a great day!


Tessa said...

I still am stunned by that potato bowl... Those are very cute cards stacy! Mucho Love!

Niki said...

Cute cards STacy! Your blog is wonderful already!!! Thanks for visiting me again :) HUGS!