Friday, March 21, 2008


So I had this great idea. There is a cute quick project I wanted to make so I could show and demonstrate to my embroidery groups (yes there is 2 now, one for the night walkers and one for the day trippers). I figured I could make a simple one then post an easy tutorial on line for easy reference. I wanted to get it ready for the next post which is why I haven't posted (grrrr) but things just kept getting in the way. I get so tired sometimes. I really have to do things in small increments. I'd love to be able to tackle something and stay at it for hours, like I used to, but sometimes our body gives us limitations and draws a line in the dirt. I used to fight it, feel worse and end up with nothing but pain and anger. Lately I have been trying to just flow with it. Do things when I have energy and step back and rest when I don't. It seems to be working...but I still get frustrated sometimes.
Soooo, I had this little project. It is a embroidered burp rag. I saw it somewhere last year and have since made several as gifts. Finally today it was all ready to be put together. I pinned it up nice and sewed relatively straight lines. I go to turn it right side out and suddenly my heart dropped. I hadn't sewn right sides together...uhhhhh. I have been a little out of it lately I thought. I could just leave it but it was for a tutorial so I better make it look as good as possible. So I got out the seem ripper and went to town.
Once done I measured again, traced the seam line to be perfectly straight, ironed both parts again and pinned. I had gotten out my sewing manual in the mean time, realized I had my needle in the wrong position and the tension a little off, fixed it and off I went. Beautiful straight lines, no pull; finally I had done it. With a content heart I go to turn it right side out again and NOOOOOOOO. I had done it again! What in the world is wrong with me? Well needless to say, my motivation for finishing the tutorial went out the window with my logical thinking. I will finish it up tomorrow, I swear it! But that baby is staying the way it is. Wasn't it cool at one time to wear your clothes backwards? I'm pretty sure it was, must be coming back , he he. So this is what it looks like now, I just need to top stitch it down then do a few wavy lines to quilt it. I guess The best thing is to just laugh about it!
On a more positive note, one of the reasons I may have been distracted today is that I WON! I WON! I'm not sure what I won so it's gonna be a SURPRISE! Niki from Niki's Ventures is always posting newer blogs she runs across and likes. She sent me over to Lisa's blog called Upstate Lisa. Lisa is a Canadian living on the border of NY and Vermont. She is so creative and entertaining. It just so happened it was her 50th post and she was having a surprise giveaway. And I WON! I'll let you know what I won as soon as it comes. Check out Lisa's blog, you won't be disappointed. Also, Niki has a lot going on over at her spot including a homemade quilt auction starting next week. And, put her in your prayers as she is having some scary health issues.
Mumsy said she is so happy about my sewing progress that she wanted to get me a spring gift. Mumsy loves to sew, she got her BA degree in Home Ec in 1978, which means a sewing degree with a little family dynamics thrown in. She always wanted one of us 3 girls to sew but we never did. She is so happy that I am now and loving it. So, back to the gift. I needed some more fabric for my Dear Jane. In a lot of blocks, the 5" charm is too small. I found this great fabric shop that sells fat eighths...perfect. It is called the Calico Cottage Quilt Shop. They had tons of 30's repro options too. I was willing to go for a cheaper pack but Mumsy insisted on these, and they are sublime. I love the nursery type prints and all the little flowers. It arrived the next day! I now have plenty for now. Its so pretty I feel like I should make all the blocks tonight. Then steps in the balancing my life thing again.

It was freezing today. I don't think I can look at one more picture of a blooming spring flower. I keep thinking one day it must end. There was a bit of sunshine today. I gathered my stuff to take outside (despite the cold) in anticipation of getting some pictures in the sun. When I went to prop the door open, the wind was so strong, I could barely hold the door. Oh least I WON! Thank you Lisa! Before my drowsy head falls on to the keyboard, I'll leave you with a peak at my amazing wedding cake and wish everyone good night. Love Stacy


CONNIE W said...

LOVE your cake, it's stunningly beautiful! Wishes for happy sewing days ahead!

tipper said...

Oh I have those days too! Sometimes I think "why can't I just strive to not care" then I hear a voice in my head "if you're going to do it-do it right" I guess its my mom's voice from childhood. I'm sending you wishes of Spring until it arrives at your house!

Sandra said...

If you hadn't told us that it was backwards we never would have known. Sometimes life just comes at us backwards, the best thing to do is take a deep breath, laugh, and go on. You're the best!

chq said...

Hi Stacy,

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment about quilting styles. It makes my heart happy that you like our quilts!

I've enjoyed seeing your blog...don't let yourself get too dscouraged over learning opportunities :) that's what seam rippers are for.

Take care,

Cherri House