Friday, March 7, 2008

May the force be with me

I fell asleep around 8pm this evening so needless to say I woke up around 11 and can't get back to sleep. So I thought I would leave a quick note. I started sewing my mini quilt tonight (or last night) and was even able sew the blocks in a chain. I am going to have to get used to the 1/4 in seam thing, any hints? Do you just eyeball it and eventually know what it is? Do most machines have guides? I made a little mark on my machine so I would have an idea but it seems I just need to practice and get a good feel for it. I think I am doing a decent job so far though.

I did however do something crazy today! I signed up for this Baby Jane quilt along. I only have to do what I can or want to but I will have others to support me and get ideas from. Maybe it is a lot for a beginner but the slogan even says something like "finished is better than perfect", and I will learn tons of techniques. So, I ordered the book and will get some fabric in the next few days. As I was researching the quilt and author of the book I kept getting more excited. I think it will be a great experience even if it is obvious I am a beginner. Maybe that will make it even more special.

Finally, I made it to my first ever quilt store yesterday. I was so busy once I got inside that I forgot to take pics but I did get an outside shot. The ladies were so nice and helpful. I got a yard of fabric for the quilt for my g-ma which I will unveil soon, a little batting and some 100% cotton thread. I can now see how you ladies get so excited about the fabric. With each step I saw a new potential quilt. I now know where it is so I can head over any time I want. Sweet!
I better try and get some sleep or I will fall asleep at 8pm again tomorrow. In the morning (if my body cooperates) I am going to work on my first baby jane block and try to finish piecing mini quilt #1. Wish me luck.

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BigCat said...

Hey Stacy

The quilting is looking good. I am hoping to find the time to post my quilt photos on my blog over the weekend for you to look at. I have only ever done hand stitched stuff to date so can't help you with the 1/4 inch thing.

Hopefully on the weekend I will also get organised for this art swap with you and Tessa, and anyone else who wants to join us. I will keep you posted.