Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sweet Jane

Hello Tuesday. What do you have in store for me today?
Yesterday was a jackpot goody wise. I received 3 packages. Woo Hoo. My Dear Jane book, my dear jane charm packs, and some little ditties I found on Etsy. Now I know how excited all you ladies get when you get a nice pack of fabric. I got 30's repro packs and they are so fresh and colorful. The Etsy package came from Crafty Dad. I had been looking for a simple fabric coaster pattern and these looked so nice, I'm afraid to use them. I threw in a little tissue holder for good measure. We have to support those dads.
With my new supplies I was able to begin my Dear Jane journey. Thank you, thank you Anina for starting with the easier ones. I can get my feet wet, get comfortable with the size, style, and hems before we dive in to deep water. I worked for a couple hours in the cold (never ending cold) afternoon. I am really happy with how it turned out. I did sew the last strip on backward (I was so excited to be almost done). It was sewn perfectly backwards though so that is something. I took me a few min. to fix and tada...my first ever pieced block.
This is B-13: Four Corner Press

Today I am on too D-13, Field of Dreams. I looked for freezer paper at Target to no avail. Hmmm...where can I find this illusive freezer paper to start my appliqué?
Cathy at Big Cats Emporium has started a cute international craft swap. The theme is "Into the Woods". Tessa and I are in. You have til Sunday to sign up. You can do anything you want and have a month to do it. More fun for my busy April, which reminds me; April isn't April without a birthday cake for yours truly! The big day is the 20th, but since I haven't had a birthday at home for 10 years we will make the cake when I get to Arizona. I have enlisted the help of this adorable site and their fantastic cake toppers. I ordered a couple sample packs...cant wait. So get into that swap! You don't want to miss the chance to possibly get some of Cathy and Tessa's art. As for mine...I promise I will do my best!

I just had to post this picture I found. It is a Paula Dean brain child. I dont know if I should be horrified or intrigued. Would you eat this? You would have to have a million wet naps handy. In case you didnt notice, those are DONUTS in the place of buns. And an egg, Aussie style. Wow!
The cooking group I was invited to is tonight. I hope I feel good enough to go. It is really good for me to get out, and easier when it is for something I love and not to just socialize or hang out. It is pork meals tonight. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm off to make my block and try some more hand quilting. Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I love those charm packs. I was thinking of getting some of those for myself. Hmm... that "burger" thing? I would almost try it if that was a sausage patty. But it does verge on disgusting, too!

Jen said...

I found freezer paper at the supermarket. By the tin foil and plastic wrap. And it will probably be on the bottom shelf as I don't think people use it that often anymore.

Nice first block!

Blondie said...

I bought a roll of freezer paper in the grocery store years ago - it is HUGE.

The sandwich is crazy. In college there was a late night after bar place that had a burger with an egg on top - I ate one and ended up in the ER with gall stones.

Vickie said...

You have a really neat blog! I love it! Thank you so much for joining our give away! I love those little dotee dolls! They are so fun to make!
Here is the original...http://www.dotslifeanart.blogspot.com
Thank you! Have a Happy Day!

Anina said...

Yay! Freezer paper can be found in the supermarket by the foil and stuff.
That sandwich is totally gross. Eeeew! (Sorry if I offend anyone)

jen said...

Hi Stacy! That Dear Jane quilt is going to be SO FAB!!! Love your new charm packs, and sweet etsy finds, too! Thanks so much for visiting my blog :-) Have a great week!~

lil said...

stacy, I hope this works

and great sqaures for your Dear Jane

anne bebbington said...

Hi Stacey - thanks for calling by my blog and commenting - you're on no-reply or I would've emailed you back direct. Don't be intimidated by the Dear Jane - just work through it methodically and ask for help if you're stuck - that's the best policy with learning anything really. Great fabrics for your DJ too

Tamar said...

Stacy, you are putting me to shame with all this great quilting you're doing - at this rate you're going to be a master quilter by summer! I think it's awesome that you're diving right in and doing Dear Jane. Your first square looks great.

You know, I think I read about that donut burger being sold at a baseball stadium last summer. Apparently it was a hit. I get queasy just looking at it!

BigCat said...

Your post today is just full of treats and goodies (except the donut hamburger - yuk). I love it when I have packages on the way, and when they arrive. The fabrics look gorgeous.

Your patchwork is looking great. Are you hand piecing or using machine? The panels are lined up beautifully. I think you are obviously a natural.

Thanks for telling everyone about the Art Swap and suggesting that they want to get their hands on some of my art. You are too kind.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.

RobinE said...

Your first Dear Jane block looks great! I can't wait to see how you use some of those wonderful '30s prints. :)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Love the fabric. I opted to do traditional civil war prints because my nature is more in the line of the fabric you have shown here, so I thought I'd change it up a bit. Its ok but I'd rather be working with my normal color palate. Glad to get to see other blogs in our Dear Jane group.

Mike said...

Wow....how nice it is to see my creations on someone's blog. I appreciate the shout out. Really!

You have a great blog. I've added you to my 'favorite places'. :-)