Friday, March 14, 2008

Stacy vs the Applique Volcano

I just want to get my new block up today. Since I am in the midst of my monthly "woman time", me expounding on more topics may be a bad idea. I have never done appliqué before so was a little nervous for C-9, "Jane's Tears". I finally got that illusive freezer paper and WOW, it is amazing. What did people do before freezer paper. It makes Jane's quilt even more amazing. I messed up on the first block I prepared, but it was easy to set up a second one since you can reuse the freezer paper over and over. It really stays on there, helped by my brand new 10$ iron. I had no idea how to proceed. Anina said to use the whipping stitch, no idea what that was and I couldn't find a good illustration for using it on reversed appliqué. The first tear went slow but suddenly....I got it! Like a flash of lightening, it all made sense. I flew through the last 3 tears and am ready for more. Bring it on reversed appliqué, I can take you!
They are redoing the floors in the front hallway of our building, meaning we have to use the back door for 3 days. We went to try our key to make sure it worked and NOPE. So George, our eccentric and trusty super decided he would replace it, not knowing it was a dead bolt. He is one of those save everything and use what you have before getting a new one kind of guys, so he spent all day trying to jimmy a new lock before deciding he needed a whole new dead bolt. That took about 6 hours, meanwhile, the back door was wide open to the 32 degree weather. We both had 3 sweatshirts, a hat and a scarf on all day and were still freezing. I should have told him I just wont leave the house and we'll fix the lock in the summer. Uhhhh. See, this is what I meant by expounding on subjects!
This was my breakfast, lunch and dinner yesterday. The husband tried to intervene, and quickly backed away. I will have my cake! Next week we'll talk about vegetables. I know you ladies understand. I am off to start todays block, A-7, "Dads Plaids". Then I will be all caught up. This group is great. I would never be able to do this without it! Have a good weekend everyone!


Anina said...

What a funny post. Those hormones can make you do strange things.
Congratulations on your beautiful reverse applique. In the Dad's Plaids post I have a link that'll show you the invisible stitch in more detail. And you get to do more reverse applique!

RobinE said...

Your block looks so cheery-- and the applique work is beautiful. Nice job! And I'm with you on the cake.

Tamar said...

Is there anything better than red velvet? And coffee? And consuming both of those things while quilting? Thanks a lot, now I have to run out and get some cake AND freezer paper, pronto! :)

Amanda said...

Is that Red Velvet Cake? I have been craving Red Velvet Cake! Hormones or no hormones I would still eat the cake.

I found your blog through Mary Ann (moonbeams in a jar).