Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter once again! I found all these vintage postcard images yesterday and couldn't resist sharing one more before it hits midnight. That chicken family is hilarious. Look at all the faces. He he he. We really laid low today. The husband went to his weekly "band practice" with his buddy John. So we are clear...they play Rock Band. The video game! It is a lot of fun but it cracked me up when they started calling it "practice" or "rehearsal". They are nuts.
I just hung in, educating myself with the wonders of the internet. There was some sun today! It was only 32 degrees but sunny. I went out back to take advantage before it was distinguished by the large building or countless clouds. While trying to set out my stuff, I realized the wind had joined us. Sooo, I did the best I could with the blowing linen.

This linen set was given to me by my Aunt Janet for my wedding. They were made by my Great Grandma for my Grandmas hope chest. There is the small table cloth and six napkins. My dad says he remembers them both embroidering all the time. Grandma also crocheted, tons of doilies and table runners. Thats what I remember. My aunt also gave me my grandma's wedding ring. They were very poor, so it is really simple but beautiful and very precious to me. My grandma and I were very close. I loved listening to her stories and life long adventures. She was a very special woman. Some day I will have a little patio with a small table to put these linens on.
I have decided to redo A-7 Dad's plaids. Mostly because I organized the color pattern and it is the only one out of place. And I am not happy with it. I am trying to be very exact with measuring and tracing. And I could always use some more appliqué practice. A new one comes out tomorrow. Hooray. I hope you all had a fine Easter. I leave you with an image from a 1920's French pattern magazine. I looks just like spring in Boston!


Tessa said...

It is official! Your favorite brother and youngest sister are coming to visit you! We are leaving on the 23rd of May and arriving the 24th of May at about 8:00 in the morning! YAY!!! We have purchased our tickets. I am very excited! Love your post too by the way!

calamitykim said...

Once you start having kids you will practice every Holiday Tradition possible for at least 15 years- so don't worry about now- Once they are grown (my son is 26) then it's the grand babies so- it never seems to end, it does take all the fun out not to have kids to play with so I just play by myself. Someone asked me if we did Easter baskets and I don't anymore- sometimes it makes me sad to miss all that- but it just doesn't seem to matter as much as it used to. Oh, I am rambling- it is too early and I haven't had enough coffee. Today I am working on some market bags for Picasso's Moon and maybe some top hats I have been sketching out. I hope you have a great day, sweetpea! xxxooo calamity kim babushka indeed!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

The cards are darling. I love them. Easter is a great holiday. The hope of spring. Thanks for your comments on our blog!

steviewren said...

twocoldfeet, love your blog name. I found you through feeling stitchy. Love the vintage fashion plate. 1920's art is the best.

Sandra said...

Where do you find the cards, they are so cute. You seem to be able to find the most unique cards ever. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Vickie said...

I love the vintage cards! Really anything vintage, I love! The table linens are beautiful!
Vickie and Lilli