Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cake Please

Happy Easter Everyone! I have been seeing all your lovely preparations. Cakes, eggs, decorations, baskets, bunny ears, cookies... It all looks so good. I haven't had an Easter like that in a long time. Usually it sneaks up and is gone before I know it. Every now and again my birthday falls on Easter, so as a kid it was my favorite. But then we grow up, leave home, end up having to work, and old traditions become memories; what once was special accidentally falls out of our thoughts. Part of it is that we don't have kidlets yet. I'm hoping then, that some of that old magic can find it's way back into our lives. Watching you all enjoy this time with your kids has been great for me. In a way, you get to be kids along with them. (how freaky are those egg people, yet oddly beautiful as well)

Well, it took me 3 hours but I finished my next Dear Jane block.
D-3 Jason's Jacks

This was just one piece of appliqué but it had lots of curves and pointy edges. By the last half I was going much faster. If Anina keeps us going with these appliqué blocks I'll be a pro in no time. I need to point out that my awesome hubby picked out the fabric for this one. Since I got my new fabric shipment, I had so many choices that I needed to bring in help. He is much better at aesthetics than me. He does all the house decorating. Some of the others had adorable prints but the figure was too far apart for this block (so I was told) so we needed one with tiny print. I think he did a good job.
So I gave you a peek at my wedding cake yesterday, the outside at least. The cake was my big thing. I didn't mind how everything else went really (oh my, that makes me sound nutty lol). I love cake in all forms. I always say, bad cake is better than no cake, but good cake is tons better than bad cake. A friend of mine swore on this place. It is in Boston's South Shore, a bit of a hike, but I made the husband take me down to do the testing. I wish I could do a tasting everyday! I think I ate every single morsel they brought out, about 10 slices. Hey, its not everyday you get to have a cake tasting. Now I haven't historically been a carrot cake fan but theirs made carrot cake rise to a whole new level. Amazing. So since it was the husbands favorite and the heaviest, it went on the bottom. The next layer was golden cake with a strawberry Grand Marnier cream filling...mmmm. The top got to be Stacy's special pick. Mango Mousse of course! It was perfect, and they even delivered it 2 hours to CT (for a small fee). I do take my cake very seriously. In case you are all wondering why I am sharing about my wedding that happened over a year ago, it is because it was so fun, but mostly I am finally going through the pictures and stories keep popping into my head.
We didn't live close to family very much growing up. We moved all over and most (on both sides) live in Utah. When we moved to AZ though, my dad's littlest sister moved down with us. She likes the weather and being close to us of course. She is like my big sister; a very funny, smart, loving lady. She has been getting really sick lately. She can't drive or work and she's not sure why. My mom told me tonight she was admitted to the hospital. Hopefully they can figure out what's wrong and get her back to her wonderful self. When she flew out here to the wedding, she hadn't flown in 15 years. And she did it for me! I love you Tia Juanita, get better soon. The pictures are Aunt Janet in the middle then my brother and littlest sister. My family is a hoot. By the way, if any of you have a nice, single, 20 something daughter in AZ or UT that could use a nice handsome date let me know. (Just don't show her the second picture lol)

Before I go I have to tell you about this new AMAZING blog I found. It really touches my heart. It is called Blind Pig and the Acorn. It is a blog about this womans life and roots in Appalachia. She has Appalachian music, a place to post memories of our grandmas and monthly giveaways. What could be better. She writes beautifully and makes me proud of my history as well. Tipper, your blog is my daily treat, almost as good as cake! So go check her out, you won't want to leave. Have a great Easter everyone!


Sandra said...

I wish I had some of that cake right now, I'm hungry. Hope you have a beautiful Easter day! I guess I won't send any pictures of the patio in full bloom with california poppies and daisies...

RobinE said...

I just love the fabric you used for Jason's Jacks-- your husband has excellent fabric-picking skills! And your applique work looks great. And don't even get me started on the cake... mmmmm.... cake.

Kenningtons said...

STACY!!!! I miss you! I had such a great time talking to you the other day. I am going to add you to my blog friends list (if you hate it then let me know and I will take you off). I promised your mom that I would stop by her house and get pics before I came back to Singapore but I didn't stop back by. :( I hope you have a wonderful time back in Safford!
p.s. LOVE your blog and your creative creations. Your wedding cake looks YUMMY!

Preston Smith said...

This was completely unsolicited!